Mr2ndopinion Exposed - The Real MArketing Scam Artist + Crazy Rocky is Next!!

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  • AxxL_Afriku reply Thanks for giving my boys from WWE a shoutout, The Undertaker is my dad
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Please finish Rocky off (aka Francois Bershwack). Destroy him!!! #EndTheWeeklyHarassmentShow Wasn't too much a fan of your big YouTubers video but glad we could end the conversation seeing eye to eye. It makes us look a bit bad... But I guess you said it from your view just like I did. I actually really enjoyed this video. Mr 2nd opinion would do the same thing to me.
  • iJimUK reply Maybe I am a special kind of stupid but I don't understand how bad mouthing someone for the fun of it is, well fun. The same as trying to scam people or making obviously fake pranks, or pranks in general for that matter.. Good for you Mr. Weird News for not jumping on the channel hate v hate bandwagon. Shows you are the bigger person.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply I may not care for you, but good on you for standing up for the guy who got his video stolen. Mr2ndOpinion is someone I was gonna be talking about soon. Now also the speculation I do understand that that was wrong in my video and I'm sorry about that but regardless good on u for talkin bout this guy
    • [ – ] WeirdestNews parent reply dude, i like you but you are always personally attacking me when you make a video. you can make a point without personally attacking them. Believe me, i could have done the same to you but i choose to be better than that. I know so many things about you already. ( I looked into you when you made the first video)
      • AxxL_Afriku parent reply Are you hacking into everyone's computers or what? Now I am scared that you might hate me because I am so ugly and I get hacked next :O
    • WebNoob parent reply ''I may not care for you'' rocky keep ur savagery at bay
  • MisterHan2000 reply *gets out notepad* Don't....fuck....with...Weirdest....News. Now all you need is some insignia so some commissioner can put it up in the sky when a prank or scam arises. Also, keep the hat. I love the hat.
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply Destroy in level 10,000 should I made my video tomorrow?.... you over destroy him..... didnt even let a piece for me man. Lol
  • SamEarl13 reply Good on you for calling the guy out, its true that no matter how shitty his video was (even using his phone in portrait mode like an idiot) there are people that might believe it. He likes to advertise a shitty looking site of his in comments and I'm not entirely sure he takes anything seriously. P.S. according to said site his name is Seth Carnett.
  • ELBADGAMER reply well, and what about me¿???
  • ChaoticGaming reply REAL QUICK!!! AGAIN... CAN I HAVE THAT YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON!? YES? NO???? OK!!!!!!
  • whako reply Oh boy this week has been great with the exposing, can not wait to see!
  • xCreativeNotion reply That's my BROTHER weirdest News!!! By the way did I spell weird right?
  • lambdog76 reply But how do we know if this isn't a kafAbe within a kafAbe?
  • AxxL_Afriku reply You are very handsome
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply The big A in MArketing makes me really nervous, please edit the title
  • [ – ] YourBoiReezy reply When I see him commenting under this video I feel like you only helped him. If hes so straight up with all these things he clearly doesnt care if you expose him and most likely wants you to. It wont bring any negative light to him because hes already upfront about it, it will just give him a shoutout
  • YousefArt reply If you hate someone and have any feelings about them rather if its hate or love. Keep it hidden and don't start making videos spreading negativity and hate along the community.. Much love bro @WeirdestNews ..
  • Aaronshy reply WWE reference. Again AxxL is the Jericho of Vidme. He just needs The List. LOL.
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Your studio is dope! I know if someone stole my video I'd want someone to call it out!
  • Noodle_KING reply my mind has been exploding, thanks to all these exposures
  • GoMGTOW reply I never upvote stolen content so....
  • ZachCrowe reply Omg forgot u were the prank reviewer I have been subbed for so long
  • cruzando reply That guy is doing it for the viewwwsssssss like tommysftp vs keemstar
  • Sogen reply WierdestNews - I got major dirt on you but I don't wanna post it. MrSecondOpinion- He ain't got shit. He's bluffing because he's an ass. Next Video - ... *long sigh*... I didn't want to post this, but my hands were tied. Here we go.
  • DGTLONE reply Great video bro and other than that i'm staying the hell outta the way of this freight train. Peace bro
  • CapnMintbeard reply So are WeirdestNews and CrazyRocky the VidMe versions of Keemstar and LeafyIsHere?
  • doomx2001 reply @WeirdestNews - New viewer here. In the last couple of videos you uploaded (that I've seen) you make really good points, and just as important you come across as a good guy. I hope you do well here on Vidme, and I also hope all the other Vidme content creators can co-exists peacefully, LOL!!!
  • ScammerRevolts reply Drop da bomb on dem!
  • IamWeeley reply Insane stuff going on
  • Outlet_Podcast reply mr2ndopinion left a comment on my channel. it wasn't constructive. he tried to piggyback off of the few people who follow me. directing them to his channel trailer.
  • OrionKing reply Good video man...keep up the great work :)
  • MarzieMalfoy reply We in the WWE now?! Hahaha Someone finally called this guy out! Thanks man!
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