Why I Support Tuition Free College

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  • [ – ] Concerned_Canadian reply Ah to be a kid again, when you grow up and pay taxes ( move out from under your parents roof) you will see the errors of your ways. You will find out the hard way why it is important to plan ahead (parenthood) since you have not yet learned the basics. Hate to say this kid but teachers have set you up to fail, Not your fault though they have been failing kids for the last three generations. I will surmise as to the how you do not know yet, Again that is for when you move out..
    • [ – ] Darkmonsterccc parent reply Yeah alright. I have to disagree. There is much I do not know, but I do think that this is the right thing to do.
      • [ – ] Concerned_Canadian parent reply Disagree? About what part? Moving out into the real world and pay your own way in life? "Right thing to do" is a slippery slope kiddo, is it the right thing to let stupid people to burn to death after they themselves caused it? Have you done the math yet, how will it work? it won't, the only rich they could tax is the new minimum class (Middle-class replacements) the rich to super elite do not even bank American soil so you can't tax them so who or what is left? It can't be done. This is why it is sort of important to make sure you do well in school and work at being smart. There are bursaries and grants for the not so rich people to attend. To think we the people will give out money for all to go to a liberial arts or some other useless course goes to show just how hard you current teachers have punked you. Not blaming you or even your generation because this has been going down for the last four generations. Incrementally dumbing down while distracting the masses for an evil globali...morest agenda. You're too young to understand now and I hope you red pill soon for soon it will to late. Just remember humans are not really that humane..
        • [ – ] Darkmonsterccc parent reply I kind of understand where you're coming from, however, I still do not completely agree. You can crack down on tax evasion for one thing to stop the super elite, and we also must cut military spending.
          • [ – ] Concerned_Canadian parent reply Can't tax the rich or they will just leave and set up shop elsewhere, globalists do not care about a country's borders or your feelings and Obama really screwed the military big time and now America is falling behind on technology. Did not help that the Killary group sold all those documents to the Russians and Chinese and now Saudi Arabia. Besides kiddo, The Vatican killed the American Empire and they (the elite) are picking at the corpse while the POTUS Trump is trying to desperately trying resuscitate him. Sorry kiddo, I am about to turn fifty and I have seen the change going on all around me. I am one of the original SJW because of my questionable history. I have no family and I grew up in the system, as a social outcast I was underground and when one is not deliberately distracted or miseducated about the real world you do a lot of reading. The Vatican really has a sore spot when comes to America and have had an agenda for exactly what is going on today all around the world....more I want the American dream of "freedom" to survive but it is not in the Vatican's cards.
            • Darkmonsterccc parent reply I'm sorry to say this, but I do not think there is any point in arguing with you. No matter how many statements or facts I throw at you, your mind wont change, so all I can say to you is this: I do not see it the same way. If we actually did our job as a nation, we could prevent tax dodging loopholes which would prevent tax evasion by the super wealthy. I know that you are caught up in your beliefs, so I'm not going to try to hard to change them. Never stop fighting for what is right.
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