Equal Helping (a philosophy about helping each other)

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  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Wise, wise words. And as an aside, I love the use of different sound effects in your poems.
    • Westley_Nash parent reply Thank you very kindly 😊 I try to build an atmosphere, an environment, painting pictures with words & drawing scenes with sounds.... Something like that anyway 😂 I'm glad you liked it 🎩
  • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul reply Well said, so well said! I'm also trying to find peace, but yet, I have that empathy to want to help others & to let them know that I can relate. :)
    • Westley_Nash parent reply I know what you mean. I used to support people in Mental Health Groups by sharing my own experiences. It's a great thing to do, but often challenging.
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