Depths of Boatmurdered Finale : Mega Satan!!!!!

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  • [ – ] ChangelingLumin reply I bolted upright, drenched in sweat. I had the dream again, the one where a thousand howling monkeys pull me into the trees and start screaming in my face… No. No. it was just a dream, I was awake. I was safe. I made my way to the bathroom to clean myself up before going back to sleep when my stomach growled. Feeling about ten pounds lighter I contemplated on what I would eat before todays morning routine. Toast, eggs, pancakes? No, what I needed was something else, something with nine essential nutrients perhaps. Pop tarts? Muffins? Hash browns? Oatmeal? I scoffed at that last thought, oatmeal was too bland for my tastes. It was then it hit me, Cereal. Yes, Cereal, it was perfect. Honey, nuts, almonds, fruits, rice and grain; A smile creeped up on my face as I rubbed my hands with glee. I hovered down into the kitchen, a spring in my step as I threw open the cupboard and produce a white bowl and placed it down on the counter. Looking around some more I pulled a box of, Honey Fruity ...moreO’s ™, from within the pantry, and with the strength to move worlds I ripped open the box and strewn its contents into the bowl. Now all I needed was an insignificant portion of milk and then I could start feasting on the artificial goodness inside the bowl. I pull open the fridge door only to open my mouth in horror. There was no milk. Sure there was cheese, eggs, juice, sour cream and an ungodly amount of cottage cheese. But still no milk… The bowl shattered on the floor as I clenched my fists in anger, I screamed to the ceiling as a thought dawned on me. My day was ruined. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from getting my cereal. I rushed into the main hallway and dawned my slippers. Grabbing my car keys, I swung open the door and made my way to my grey BMW. I jumped into the driver’s seat and put the keys in the ignition and turned on the car. The tires squealed as I floored the peddle and made my way to the Quick Mart a few blocks down. Opining my car door and jumping out into the parking lot, my eyes burning with purpose I kicked down the door to the store, and ran to the back where the dairy was kept. It was then I saw him. My neighbor with the handle bar mustache, it seems he to wanted milk. I look into the fridge and back to my neighbor, he does the same thing in unison with me. There was only one carton left. We both knew we might not be able to get the prize without a fight. The two of us stared intently at each other, sweet dripping from our brows as we suddenly broke into a run. Letting out a war cry I rush him knocking him to the ground. He retaliates with a swift punch, hitting my left eye and bruising it. We continued to wrestle with each other on the ground, both of us exchanging blows until we were bloody. He then put me into a choke hold as I desperately grabbed for a jar of pickles. Smashing it on his head, he let go of me and went limp on the ground. Looking over his unconscious body, I shakily stand up and grab the milk. Letting out a victory cry as I held the prize above my head. Limping my way back to the car, I start it up and make my way back home to enjoy my breakfast.
    • DarkLordGig parent reply Turns out the milk just expired an hour ago. With a final cry of anguish I throw the milk to the floor, sour curdled dairy beverage spilled onto the floor.
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