Why the Pith Helmet?

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply Micheal Cain is my favorite actor and Zulu Dawn is a great movie.
  • [ – ] jasonlee3071 reply That old man did turn out right. They all got overrun and slaughtered by the Zulus. The Zulus did win the 1st battle but later on the British did get to defeat them in a final battle.
    • MajorSvenGaming parent reply You are totally right, the battle of isandlwana saw the British lose one of their columns to a Zulu attack with over 1000 British and allied casualties. It is historic in the fact a modern army was defeated by a technological inferior. I may do a video on it some day as I have the figures, but I wanna get better at making videos first. Thanks for watching Jason
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