Property Rights Explained In 10 Minutes

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  • duckhk reply Communists and leftists don't care about property rights. They only want free stuff.
  • esperan2k reply One situation where you ARE held accountable for your actions even if you were compelled (or otherwise feared for your life) would be the Nuremberg trials. Of course, that trial itself had many issues with it, being run by the victors as a show trial mainly. Nor is the concept of superior orders as a legit defense recognized consistently since then. Basically, if you lose a war, you can still be punished even if you were compelled to act under threat of force or death. So better hope you win the next war or the victors might send you to jail because you didn't want to die instead.
  • [ – ] AmberHart reply I would say nope it's not my garbage can, it belongs to the city contracting threw a trash service that I didn't contract with, but made to pay a bill or get a lien on my home if I don't pay it, but it's not my container. I DON'T OWN IT. but forced to pay on it even if i use it or not.
    • AmberHart parent reply I have had my trash knocked over, ppl using my driveway as a turnaround, but I just pick it up, because I keep my yard clean, and the side of the highway in front of my property. My neighborhood is beautiful, and I hate when they litter along the road.
  • Hagelbocken reply I would love to surrender some property rights but alas the swedish government owns all but my soul. So i thank you good sir for sharing the great property of your mind to us all. And someday I might even been freed enough to pay back with more than a simple kind word of appreciation :)
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Þancie þē
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