"Germoney": Muslims protest at German Embassy in Greece

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  • [ – ] slugg1515o reply I'm sure there are plenty of poor German people that need help and they should be looked after BEFORE any consideration for these foreigners.
  • slugg1515o reply Don't you have German people that need help homeless, etc. ? Everywhere in US we have bums ( homeless)
  • slugg1515o reply That is the first time I have even seen women and children migrants, they are usually all military age healthy young men.
  • [ – ] redbullcorona reply Crazy they want to,go Germany,since Germany offers them the most.As in free stuff
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes. That has to stop. So many Germans are poor, but these illegals who hate Germany get everything for free. It is disgusting.
  • [ – ] 2016KathyBates reply The youtuber Peter Sweden has made interesting videos this week, Oxfam are handing out leaflets with the title #OpenEurope. There was also a Germany charity boat which has been halted as it was trying to pick up people off coast of Libya
  • 2016KathyBates reply "Where do you go?" answer "Germany"
  • [ – ] 2016KathyBates reply I will explain, they are holding up a placard "our children are waiting for us" - in other words the men you let in last year. Then they are shouting "What do you want?" and the answer "Germany"
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