Stasi-esque YouTube: Suppressing Dissenting Speech

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  • [ – ] CuneiformHub reply Why not we all flag Youtube's channel and see what they do?
    • SpecSnowflk parent reply the same thing they'll do when people flag anti-white videos. nothing.
    • CitizenShane parent reply Ha ha ha ha!!! That's fucking brilliant. It will be the "VidMe/JewTube WARS!!!" I FINALLY had a video of my own flagged, recently; so I'm kind of on the warpath against leftist-entities that I would've otherwise just ignored, or challenged with reasonable arguments - not that they'll ever listen
    • MaximVB parent reply Good idea! 😅😂
  • sielakos reply fuck youtube
  • Auceza reply YouTube is becoming NaziTube.
  • mumhustlar reply What if.... The majority of flags and down votes are on SJW videos instead....?
  • Auceza reply Black Pigeon speaks the truth.
  • Natanahel reply LOL yesterday i saw an ad taken down for violating their policies; not even advertisers are safe.
  • AlurichtheMad reply YouTube is committing slow and painful suicide, and if this is how it's gonna go, I say good riddance
  • generic_username_44 reply upvoting your own video in 2017
  • shadow999999 reply It's actually a good thing that youtube and facebook are killing themselves, this allows more sites with new ideas and such tome come to fruition because there won't be as much of a monopoly anymore (but will still be there because google). That is to say, if such places die before both brainwashing and indoctrinating people for the sake of keeping itself alive and giving not only governments but also corporations alike to control your daily life to very the very cent.
  • edray1416 reply I'm glad I'm retiring from YouTube after 10 years. I can't stand it anymore. I only stayed long enough to make my 10th anniversary video.
  • [ – ] YourUsernameIsBad reply "Controversial religious topics". Fuck, you absolutely know they're talking about inconvenient videos about the Religion of Peace(tm). Why don't they just say it outright? How fucking retarded do they think we are?
    • Hamann9631 parent reply They leave up controversial religious video of private Mormon Temple ceremonies even after they are flagged. They must just mean videos that quote Islamic books so we can know if it is a religion of peace.
  • spookyboo reply moving these to utility companies is a bad idea. That is completely the opposite of capitalism. What needs to happen is that we need to stop the indoctrination at the school level so people stop coming out of high school and colleges as little SJWs and more like independents in charge of the own world instead of trying to control the world of others.
  • mattytripps reply I dont think that your really a black pigeon. I think your a person pretending to be a black pigeon
  • [ – ] TheAlmightyAnglo1 reply Jewtube needs to has to be stoped
    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply I wouldn't have thought the Jews would have been all that keen on Muslims and lots of comments that criticise Islam are been hidden as well.
      • [ – ] ToastersForever parent reply Jews can be antisemitic, y'know. Sounds ridiculous, but it's true. And from personal experience YouTube is definitely antisemitic.
        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply ToastersForever : I don't know what you mean when you say that Youtube is anti-Semitic. Could you be more specific?
          • [ – ] ToastersForever parent reply They let antisemitism on the platform slide. I reported antisemitic videos to YouTube and they did nothing about it. That was when I left YouTube... And a little while after I left, the whole PewDiePie antisemitism thing exploded, YouTube ignored that, then YouTube lost £££. And of course now the whole platform has joined forces with the antisemitic Anti Defamation League to censor content.
  • [ – ] mydadsacop666 reply This guy has been outed as a #confirmed #doubleagent #mossad
  • CraggBragg reply Can you please sell the t-shirt that has the full body pigeon with the Japanese writing again?
  • [ – ] mydadsacop666 reply This guy is controlled opposition! I'm serious! Stop supporting him!
  • [ – ] ToastersForever reply Regulating big tech companies is not the solution. They might be coming down hard on free speech, but regulating tech companies would speed up the destruction of free speech. Regulation of tech companies would apply to right-wing ones as well... And could lead to a much worse situation than we have right now.
    • Auceza parent reply Nationalize YouTube. Nationalize all fascist organizations. Just make a referendum about this topic.
  • Paracelsus reply remember re-definitions are the red flag... are these communists, or did they change their name from bolsheviks? are these commentaries and videos being "limited" or censored? 2+2=3
  • Bleachameete reply I went and read the synopsis of 1984.
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