James's History of Video Games - Part 5: The Video Game Market Crash of 1983

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  • [ – ] Carm3D reply Raiders of the Lost Ark was a film-adapted game before E.T... E.T.'s overall design was based on the Raiders game.
    • [ – ] AliensStudios parent reply Yeah I came to learn this after the video was made a few years back unfortunately. Funny how E.T. was universally panned yet Raiders was pretty well liked by gamers of the time. My thoughts on E.T. have changed substantially in the past few years, I just went along with the internet's consensus without playing it much. I actually think it's a pretty ambitious title for the time.
      • [ – ] Carm3D parent reply Certainly impressive for 5 weeks of work!
        • AliensStudios parent reply I agree. Especially considering all they wanted was a Pac-Man clone. It's sort of funny how one of the most ambitious titles in the 2600 library is so notorious for being a poor game, when in reality the internet and all of the hub-bub surrounding the game may never allow people to truly realize the forward thinking development of E.T. While flawed yes, E.T. is certainly not the worst game of all time.
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