Combining Auld Lang Syne and Blank Cadenza

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply I'm glad you gave people a look at what notation programs look like ;)
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Well, I can at least show a notation program like Notion, which doesn't look too complicated when looking at the UI. If I were to show Finale, I'd probably end up scaring people off ;)
      • [ – ] cdnza parent reply **From pursuing music notation**
        • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply I would say you would, but show them how you use musescore, and how much manual work is actually required.... And you would scare them from even composing period!!! XD
          • [ – ] cdnza parent reply I had to go and tell on you to MuseScore. But, they just kind of agreed and said that MScore 3 should remedy the manual adjusting. I was a bit disappointed in their answer. I needed/wanted some drama! ;)
            • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply God I wish Thomas would have banned me!!! Mwahahahaha!!! I don't think he's ever banned someone that I know of? Hey if they fix it enough... I may just have to switch to musescore fully ;) One of the things I like most about musescore that finale does not have is a midi keyboard displayed and I love how when you have a certain instrument say violin... And you click on a note it turns the keyboard sound to Violin!!! I also love how you can watch it play along with your works, or other peoples works!
              • [ – ] cdnza parent reply That I'll definitely agree with you on (MuseScore's keyboard). Like it soo much that I put it into today's video ;)
                • Mozart_Forever parent reply I saw that, and it's is a lovely on. That really is a unique feature and it stuns me finale a $600 program got beat to that by a free one :O I mean in the world of business as you know obviously and I've known since I was 15, there are copyrights for a reason, and you can not copy a programs feature, so that may have been Thomas thinking outside the box to not violate the law.
  • michael77877 reply nice video pal
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