Rageaholic Cinema: MAD MAX

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  • crusibex reply Came here from you tube razor, im looking foreward to watching your good shit on a platform that isnt authoritarian as hell.
  • tonygreene113 reply Vidme is becoming very flexible to folks like me.
  • WhiteKnife reply I thought the original Mad Max was set right before a nuclear holocaust? I always figured The Road Warrior was set after that.
  • Capt_Nemo reply Maybe I'm taking this review too seriously. But the world of Mad Mad max is not supposed to be 'after the bombs fell.' In fact, we get no confirmation of that until the 3rd film with Max pulls out a geiger counter to check some water. The world we are being shown here is a world in decline. Think our world in about...two years. The next film is when something has happened. Max's uniform is modified to carry tools and equipment. He's no longer Max the cop but 'Road Warrior.' Character fully engaged at that point.
  • giguyjoe reply Wait Fury Road tried to explain the Mad Max world? Oh goddammit it's like when Tripwire made that live action video showing how the Zed outbreak started. Who gives a shit? Just give us high-speed car fights with jalopies galore and a badass American muscle machine as the star and we'll all jizz in our collective panties.
  • Capt_Nemo reply The rumor is that when the actors were called for the casting of Mad Max alot of actors prepared by studying the script and getting rested for their auditions. Mel, the pro that he is, decided to get drunk. And the producers loved the way he looked when he showed up hung over and reckt that he got the part. Apparently, Mel looks like he's been through the apocalypse when he gets wasted.
  • blindfire reply If Mad Max is a western then Fury Road was a drawn out voiced over backstory intro followed by nothing but gunfights. Good action scenes are fun and all, but without plot development you have no reason to be invested in the film, so it felt like a highlights reel of awesome plays rather than a story.
  • MaximVB reply I haven't seen Fury Road yet but am looking forward to seeing it! 👌
  • AxxL_Afriku reply fury road rocks
  • [ – ] TallDrink86 reply fury road had no story, no point and stopped watching after 15 minutes. Also too much CGI.
  • Chris-Campbell reply I thought Fury Road was kind of boring. Decent overall but I just ended up not caring about what was happening.
  • ThePhantom reply Fuel injected suicide machine!
  • PureCrimson reply 8 cylinders of badassery
  • MarkAndrewEdwards reply Figured out the tipping thing, since you don't want to do the Patreon thing. Totally your call but maybe you can add something about tipping via Vidme to your YT videos. I'd love to get you more support and exposure, man.
  • MacSplodie reply I'm getting much more accustomed to skipping the YouTube links on Twitter and just popping over to Vid.me, but I wish everyone here would just make them Vid.me links. I get pissed at myself when I accidentally end up on YouTube. I am currently trying to purge anything Google-related from my life, 'cause Fuck 'em!
  • HeadTrauma_TV reply Damnation Alley did spawn it, but wouldn't also A Boy & His Dog deserve some credit for this, too?
  • deejf reply Not to rain on your magnificent ranty parade, but "nuclear apocalypse" was never even hinted at in the series until Beyond Thunderdome. Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior's prologue explicitly states that society fell due to economic collapse.
  • Platypus67 reply Brilliant references as usual!! Simply L.O.V.E. yer vids!!! Btw: nice to see you over here aswell, rage!!
  • GreyWolfLeaderTW reply Vid.me has a long way to go before it is as easy to use and powerful as YouTube, but hopefully at some point, it will bury YouTube for their leftist authoritative throttling of anyone who isn't a hard-left Bernie-supporting marxist.
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