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  • AdmiralUnderdog reply What a fucking waste of money.
  • [ – ] MCFPapa reply What's the difference between Youtube and Vidme? Youtube features a bunch of TV shows and left-leaning news. Vidme features people that post unique and entertaining content.
    • MaximVB parent reply Agreed 😊
    • [ – ] sagiksp parent reply but this is also on youtube
      • [ – ] MCFPapa parent reply My point is that Youtube's trending tab is filled with a bunch of garbage that isn't based around content creators. Right now I went on it and over half of the top 30 videos featured were uploads of clips from TV shows. Also featured were "How to make Emoji Donuts" and "Anime Timeskips and Spinoffs". On the Vidme homepage I don't see a single TV show in either the Trending Today or Team Picks sections. Youtube has stopped caring about the original creators and cares more about TV shows that'll pay them money to be featured
        • cutebots parent reply The trending tab on youtube is a lot like the "miscellaneous" tabs in the fallout games. It's filled with trash.
  • WinterNight reply Hurray, YMS on VidMe!
  • acce245 reply WHAAAAA!? Keeps reminding me of.... Keep up the good work!
  • Ndoki reply lol this frame. They must have edited the movie in windows movie maker, it's hella bad for leaving in frames.
  • Tiavor reply omg, he drives 100 mph! that's like ... 160km/h ... like totally normal speed for German Autobahn and even with this "leisurely high" speed you get overtaken. why the fuck is there a convoy driving at 160km/h? trucks have typically a speedlimit of half that. when even the first fucking scene makes no sense!
  • mutualSOUL reply Welcome to Vidme, Adam! Here's to hoping there won't be any copyright drama this time. :)
  • Al__L_0 reply She deserved whatever happened to her for her sins against sandwiches and people who enjoy them.
  • JFQ_Channel reply I missed videos on stupid movies, so this made my day! I laughed my ass off! Thank you!
  • Jcbog reply This movie is just flat out dumb.
  • MOD1T reply It looks really really bad I agree, and Shelby's laugh was the only funny part I watched , it was weird lmfao
  • iMissTooMuch reply Why is Ned Flanders such a dick?
  • Ghost0500 reply This editting is fucking gold xD
  • OwlSensei reply This is really funny, I never heard of the film before and can't wait for part 2 to come out to watch the rest... really random and nonsensical films can be fun to watch but this one looks like I'd be pulling out my hair/feathers from how illogical and stupid the story lines seem to be... Keep up the good work ^-^/
  • gustavojordan reply Sound really really bad
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