Cafe charges 18% 'Man Tax' - Milo not happy!

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  • Politics_N_Games reply The local men should refer to the cafe as The Cuckold Cafe. And take the piss out of any man visiting it.
  • [ – ] SociallyImpaired reply Fighting non-existent sexism with real actual sexism. Well I'm sure that will solve the problem, not.
    • VauxhallViva1975 parent reply @ SociallyImpaired - Oh, it's not sexism when they do it to men don't you know..... They can be as sexist and as offensive as they like to men, and it is not sexism, it is equality. If men tried to put an 18% tax on the women coming in, the place would be BURNT TO THE GROUND in violent protests. Society is really going downhill fast with shit like this, and as for the fuckin' students being able to choose their own grade if they feel upset they did not get what they wanted?!!!!?? Why even bother going to university/college at all then - just DECLARE you are now a fully qualified doctor, and insist people treat you as such. No qualifications, no experience, but who gives a fuck - you said you were a doctor, so you are. Qualifications are so last century.... Rant, rant, rant - sorry......
  • blindfire reply Cute dog. I wouldn't go to that cafe, I refuse to give business to anyone who discriminates against me based on things I can't control. Now if they wanted to discriminate against me because I didn't have a liberal arts degree that would be a different matter, I might actually consider being a customer there if the product was good enough.
  • jj27 reply Boycott the place for being sexist
  • DankMcDreamcast reply Lol in like most states in the US would get pissed off by that and that business would get canned by bad PR. XD
  • OwlSensei reply I saw this in the 'New' category and clicked on it expecting to see a different blonde called Milo, I wasn't disappointed though, I'd make the same noise on an Owl tax ... well... I'd make that noise if I could afford to go to a cafe in the first place and was given an ultimatum of paying an 18% owl tax w/笑/lol
  • ClimatePonziLie reply They said that men have been paying it. Do they know that it was added or was the fact that it is being paid because they didn't catch the mistake on the bill or didn't want to raise a scene or be embarrassed over a few dollars. This is the typical feminist lie about gender inequality and the wage gap, then blaming men, do they give the money to disabled men. Or those injured fighting overseas. Why not ask to see a persons TAX return first, oh wait the Government already does that and takes TAXES accordingly so men make more and pay more TAXES that women receive in services. They should have a TAX rebate day in the restaurant.
  • ruisales reply LOL, im from Portugal and i would like to see a private company try to pull something like that, because here that would be ilegal.
  • BananaQiGong reply Fuck, gender equality didn't last long.
  • frankblackcrow reply Isn't this actually discrimination, and the use of a bullshit tax where none is applied via the tax office, might be even more of on the side of a criminal action, than an actual legal action to take,, the ATO need to be told about that as it might not be an actual legal thing to do,, because not only is it discriminatory against men, but that their is no pay gap,, other than from the employer making a pay gap, and using a pay gap as to not pay all the women a proper wage.
  • mattytripps reply Did you name your dog after milo yinopalous?
  • FabOVision reply Very sexist cafe.
  • NoYoutella reply I fully support the idea of this cafe. From a business perspective I think it's idiotic. Let those backwards turds have their own lame watering hole. If this cafe is such a great idea, let's see how long it lasts.
  • Crazy_Cat_Gentleman reply Kill all dogs!
  • theicediamond7 reply women are missing 10 to 15 points in iq. the older they get the greater the gap.
  • Eldor_Luedtke reply Listen to Milo, dogs are smart about that stuff. I would not go there, any time, not just, that time of month but never LOL
  • Angry-Quad reply DON'T GO....
  • sirrobhifi reply "Trust me sweetheart" hahhahahaahhhahahaha
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Gender pay gap! I identify as a cafe lata. I'm the one being exploited.
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