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Team White Launch: Jews Decapitate Whites' Leadership!

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July 7 2017

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The White Race EVERYWHERE is UNDER ATTACK! Alex Linder and I are launching the Team White Channel. Here we discuss what it is that we hope to achieve by co-operating as whites who live on different continents, but who share the same DNA roots going back to Europe. I have greatly admired his Learning College with his audio books and I wanted to spread it by way of video. Alex and I discuss the Jews and their endless lies as well as their well-hidden hostility to and hatred of the white race. We discuss how Jews decapitate the white leadership so that a “Jewish head” goes on to a “White body”. This has happened many times before to our race. There’s nothing wrong with Team White. Its just that the Jews work VERY AGGRESSIVELY against any leaders or even small political organisations. They do everything they can to prevent whites from taking control of their own society. I'm looking for subscribers & donors, especially people willing to subscribe for $5 per month to support my work. For History Reviewed Channel: Subscriptions or Donations: You can also subscribe to the website's Newsletter or alerts service. My new website is: The BANNED VIDEOS can be viewed here: All the other videos can be viewed here: At the above website you'll find links to my videos which are on Youtube as well as the BANNED Videos which are no longer on youtube! I'm updating the website regularly. So also monitor it for Channel news. You can email me at: - I will only be checking the emails once weekly. This video was brought to you by:

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