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  • [ – ] SomeMediaGeek reply I'd be frightened if I saw a duck on a rampage lol. Good work combining the duck, tank and helmet, looks very clean and smooth! I used to do the erasing technique all the time for this sorta' thing until I got used to the paths tool. Always nice running into another Gimp user :) Looking forward to future art videos!
    • [ – ] Spirkle parent reply Thank you, it's always nice to getting comments! I prefer the eraser tool and I personally think it works better. I also think Gimp is very underrated.
      • SomeMediaGeek parent reply I find the eraser handy if I'm extracting simple & smaller things from photos and refining details, so it definitely has its place. And yeah I agree, Gimp is more handy than people expect. I've been using it for a little over 10 years, so it's cool seeing how much it's grown :)
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