Glam Rock

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  • [ – ] astraleyes reply I like this one because it has an 80s feel to it. I could see a cute girl wearing leg warmers working out to this.
    • [ – ] JCrawf79 parent reply I grew up on the metal, glam rock 80's music. As far as the whole metal, hair band, glam rock, and even synth music goes, the three movies of the time that highlight them best would be Blade Runner, the adult animation Heavy Metal, and the animated Transformers movie. There's many other good examples, but those have become my all time favorites.
      • astraleyes parent reply Blade Runner is my wife's all-time favorite movie. Heavy Metal is my all-time favorite "guilty pleasure" movie. I'm also a big fan of the magazine.
      • astraleyes parent reply Well, she just corrected me. She said Blade Runner and Logan's Run are tied for her favorite movies. I guess she has two.
  • JCrawf79 reply And yes, leg warmers were rad back then. I still have a thing for women in leggings to this day because of it. lol<.<
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