Philando .....Protected and Served?

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  • JonTheBemused reply Wow. That's fucked up. Makes me glad that our cops don't generally carry guns. But if I were a conspiracy nut (as opposed to just a regular kind of nut), I would say that someone was trying to implement a police state (note: not an original thought). Because if people are afraid of the police, and react negatively to their mere presence, then the police will react by being in fear. You then get a spiralling effect, that ends with a complete breakdown in relations between large portions of the community and the police. We are already see the results of that with BLM, BAMN & AntiFa. But the result is that the police have to become ever more militarised, just to defend themselves. They have to adopt ever more extreme measures to protect themselves, which just increases the divide, and the politicians will panic and give ever more power to the police. All driven by a narrative that the police cannot be trusted and "target PoC". A narrative clearly driven by many in the media. It...more doesn't even need to be a media conspiracy, just their natural tendency for bandwagon jumping and wanting to be seen to hold the "correct" opinion. So just one or two people pushing an agenda can cause the rest through the domino effect. This is, of course, all tin-foil hat stuff. But sometimes I like to take an idea and run with it, just to see where it may lead.
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