Vermont Issues 34: Bennington Downtown Reevelopment

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  • [ – ] Dark_Iron_Chains reply Get involved with Vermont politics Styx!
    • gkresurrect parent reply no point, politicians are generally useless. Styx will stay more effective outside the political machine My (admittedly kind of wild) prediction is that some sort of blockchain-based technology will end up replacing most politicians anyway.Of course, they will do everything they can to prevent this in order to keep their cushy little positions. It's going to be entertaining to watch some of heavyweights sweat and become almost completely authoritarian before their inevitable fall.
  • stoejoe reply "i have to do video's and eat, it-mmh-it's a busy day" Sounds like he's making an MRE video?
  • [ – ] rhinCA reply Now, I don't give a rat's ass about Vermont issues. I know on my YouTube app, Roku and Apple TV, videos that are on Vidme take longer and longer to appear on Youtube. Not sure if Spike (Styx) is uploading here first which is fine with me, but Videm has to Roku/Apple app....Which sucks.
    • stoejoe parent reply Any device that is not my windows 7 desktop- vidme takes notably longer to load. Like 20-30x longer. The apps are not sufficient. And i'm starting to think it's by design.
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