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  • [ – ] MyDIY reply I'm sure once your son grows up he'll always remember the great things you had becuase of the memorable car that both of you made. :)
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Wow! This a very great memorabilia that you and your son cherish. Thanks for sharing @512markdd
  • [ – ] GalaxyGaming reply what a great tradition to pass on :)
  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply That's so old school and awesome. Do kids do these type of things anymore?
    • [ – ] 512markdd parent reply It is old school, and I think becoming a lost art. Last year I got a cardboard motorcycle model from my job, my son and I put it together and had the best time, so I got him the car one for Christmas. I had to actually order it online. When I was a kid there was a whole isle dedicated to models in the toy section of most stores, but not the case anymore.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply I love that you get to share something with your son that you also shared with your dad! Keep the model car building traditions alive! Maybe if your son has any children one day, they'll be building model cars, too!
  • 512markdd reply JustCrewzinAround original idea video link https://vid.me/Gfhm and memory video link https://vid.me/3MJd
  • 512markdd reply Final video https://vid.me/X9Ea
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