Eye Spy CCTV - Westminster

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  • StayingAwake reply Hello, Love your work and material on YouTube. Some observations. First, there were only 75 cameras on Westminster City council's CCTV that were shut down, and none of them were anywhere near Parliament. They were on shopping areas like Oxford Street, Regent Street, Soho and Shafebury avenue etc. but none around Parliament. On your video above, at -6.20 you said the 3 cameras in a row were for people using bus lanes, when this is not so. They are TfL (Transport for London) cameras, HD capability, and on 24 hours a day, and there for the inner London congestion charge, and also used by the Met Police. More info here: https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/privacy-and-cookies/cctv You can see a live cam view from one here with a perfect view of the bridge where the ghost car was supposed to have driven. http://www.camvista.com/england/london/traffic-cameras-tfl-jam-webcams-westminster-bridge-york-road-city-of-westminster-central-london.html There are 27 pages of London CCTV cameras listed he...morere and these are just a fraction of the total: http://www.trafficdelays.co.uk/london-traffic-cameras/ And the one listed before Westminster bridge: http://www.trafficdelays.co.uk/westminster-bridge-york-road-london-jam-cams/ These Tfl CCTV are also linked to ANPR systems (Automatic Number Plate Reading) used to automatically track cars, read their plates and change them the congestion charge as well as automatically pick up vehicles wanted by the police. There are tens of thousands of these, and the councils do not control them. Also, also the cameras to the East of the Bridge fall into Lambeth council area, so again, not connected to Westminster's 75 CCTV either. If you look at this footage, at 5:20 and 6:22 you can see Sky news got access within minutes to another HD camera on top of the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre looking right down the bridge from the West side where the car “crashed” (was placed), yet we see no footage from this HD camera that would have seen it all just minutes before! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UK5ac1WWp0 As we all know, there will be reams of footage for the Westminster False Flag Hoax, and most likely held by MI6 and Mossad for future hoaxes and research. Keep up your good work!
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