Wtf?! WarpathGaming, Paladins open Beta

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  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Warpath Gaming, to be honest I only heard of him through what he did but in the scheme of things I am only a baby noob here. But what happened to him should be a lesson to everyone who wants to game the system. Don't. I am still toying with the idea of uploading some gameplay to my channel, I don't know. My son plays Overwatch a lot but he is a big Blizzard fan boy lol. Will tell him about paladins Again, awesome car vlog and hey, don't hate on your hair, count your blessings, you don't have mine 😆
    • ShakotsuGaming parent reply Haha I was complaining about how it's always greasy after a hair net is on it. Lol yeah paladins is so funnn. Yeah cheating the systems always end up badly
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