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  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply Don't forget Apple outsources production to Chinese factories that use child labor to save on costs, and had to put up suicide nets to keep child workers from trying to kill themselves by jumping out of windows. Also, don't forget the rare earth elements needed to make the phones lighter come from slave labor in Congo. So buying an Apple product will go to support child labor and slave labor.
    • [ – ] AANickFan parent reply That is horrible.
      • OrionBlastar parent reply Most tech companies do it to make more profits, sell it like it was made in the USA, and it was made in China and with elements from North Africa by slave labor and child labor. Almost anything made in China is made this way.
  • [ – ] Smiless reply Most of this knew this but it's great that you're showing the people who don't know that about what's actually happening! I'm excited to see what you are going to make next!
    • cruzando parent reply Thank you! And yeah my idea was to inform the uninformed of an epidemic that cost us more money than it should
  • rulesforrebels reply like the video and while i sorta agree just to play devils advocate what is an acceptable profit to make? is it okay for them to make $100 per device? $200 per device? as a company we only see the black and white numbers but they are taking the risk and cost of spending all that money on research and development, on buying all that inventory, etc so while it may cost 200 and sell for 800, a good portion of that profit is probably going towards the millions they spend in R&D to make the device in the first place. that said i myself feel like apple doesn't really innovate anymore, they continue to put out the same stuff and fanboys and loyal users buy it up despite not really being that different than previous generations.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Clearly Apple is not in business to help their customers as much as they are in business to help themselves. Every company's job is to make money. The question is how it is done. Do you screw over people to get to the top? And why do people put up with this? There are many fine competitors to the Apple product line. Maybe it is general awareness level. If people were more aware of how their products were made, would they take that into account when choosing what to buy? I think they would. Thank you for bringing us this information!
  • AANickFan reply I shall consider getting a non-Apple phone if I ever get a new phone. I currently have an iPhone 5 that I've had for 3 years.
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