Ballast Point Red Velvet Nitro Pour

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  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply That was cool. And I love red velvet stuff.
    • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply I'm glad you like these videos! I'm considering making this a tradition every time I review a nitro beer. However, I'm slightly disappointed with how quickly it dissipated. That's why I decided to add the bottle flip bit in the video in an attempt to make the video longer. I guessing this particular beer settled so quickly because it's in a bottle. However, I will have to try more nitro beers in bottles to be sure.
      • [ – ] MrJoelDee parent reply Yeah, I did notice that it settled quickly. I didn't think much about it. Just figured it was the way of that particular beer. I'd definitely like to see these when you do a nitro beer. I saw the review of the beer too. I used to be really surprised when a beer didn't taste like you were expecting it to based on it's flavor. Now, I hope it will, but not a huge surprise or let down if it doesn't. When I watched your review of this beer, I was thinking I really hope it tastes like red velvet, but you watch, I bet it doesn't lol. Still had me virtually edge of my seat wondering until the taste and verdict was given.
        • November_Fox parent reply I'm really glad you find my videos so exciting! Also realize that I've seen numerous other reviews on this beer that say they taste chocolate. Even my coworker who I gave my last bottle to says they taste chocolate. It could just be me that doesn't taste it.
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