Super Mario 64 Episode 7 | Suicidal Goomba | Mister Shots

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  • [ – ] GHondo reply Just your standard intro? I thought you had a different one in mind... :) 1:30 - Whatever Cankicker said there wasn't picked up on your microphone, so it felt like a pretty random "shut the fuck up Cankicker" moment. Delightful! :) 1:54 - Nice plug for your AmandaFood collab video, with a bonus of threatened murder! Well done! :) 2:16 - Was that necessary? Talk about ear rape... 3:00 - I'll call you half right. It is an acronym, but it's "Seasonal Affective Disorder" - basically, a nice way to say "everybody's depressed because they can't go outside in winter". Also effects people who work in cubicles and do way too much overtime (because again, they don't see the sun) 7:25 - Wow, if people donate, you'll make videos! That's amazing! :) 8:46 - "My dog/cousin/brother just puked..." - wait, just how twisted is your family tree, if it includes a foray into the animal kingdom? :)
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Mister shots delete this! Don't do anything to your brother he did good eating your cookies.
  • [ – ] teengamer reply What are ur future plans for the channel
    • Mister_Shots parent reply For now, I am just doing LPs but I have tons of ideas to do fun stuff like the @AmandaFood cook off or the "Pls Help Mario" video.
  • [ – ] teengamer reply Hey, nice cotent. Is this on an n64, virtual console or emulator?
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