VidMe Community Council (VidMe Idea Ft. Coleossal Gaming)

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply This is something we especially need. Staff needs better communication and this could help improve it without wearing them down. The only thing I'd suggest is to have an application process so that not just anyone can do it. What I mean by that is, we don't want someone to be picked for the counsel and they be someone who is inactive most of the time. So pretty much one of the requirements should be that they have to be an active member of the community. But I do agree with a rotation of duties to allow even someone who was just verified to take part if they want. This would be yet another thing to bring us together as a community as well. #Praisebetorocky #mymeaningfulreceipt #iloveyoutoorockylol #fuckrawmanbutiloverawmantoo #confusinghashtags
  • CrazyRocky reply Also lemme say this! The council would not be who chooses what changes go into effect, that would still be vidme. The group can just give vidme a better idea about what the community may want
  • [ – ] mcstacky reply Y'all are always welcome to join my iOS betas. No council needed
    • [ – ] ColeossalGaming parent reply But what if we're not on IOS....hmmmmmm?
      • [ – ] mcstacky parent reply Consider yourself lucky the PlayStore doesn't spend 4 days reviewing an app only to reject it. Android gets updates and hot fixes much faster, which means we beta test on production! 😉
        • [ – ] nodetact parent reply What kind of "as for the only other mobile platform" implicative assertion is this?! Blasphemy, that's what! Viddi for Vidme takes the dreaded app gap for Windows 10 Mobile even further down the abyss, as even though it is off to a not so bad start with the in app camera for direct video uploads (not restrained to this away from the camera roll library, though), it still needs site surfing to work as well as update itself automatically like its push notifications suggest! And let me tell you why I use a mobile platform just as underrated as alternative social media (I still can't for the life of me tell whether Vidme is a mainstream or alternative social media... Or both? Or neither?): It feels awesome to be a believer in the undying efforts of an innovative tech, and moreover anything investing into the future! So who needs your alpha/beta/demo squadron of pawns, anyways? A fart app collecting hippie? Good riddance! Not it! Ah, but false harm aside, I respect the App Store and Google ...morePlay.
          • [ – ] mcstacky parent reply We don't maintain a windows phone app unfortunately
            • nodetact parent reply I could have figured as much. In the Tech category, whenever I become verified, I actually won't have to use it to just talk about Microsoft related things, especially on behalf of even the neglected mobile division. But I'm still surprised a single independent developer would actually make that dive for a video hosting platform to the likes of this very place. A dedicated Windows 10 Mobile or universal Windows platform app officially native to Vidme may be too much to ask for, but at least nobody's gonna give me a hard time over any of my future satirical or rant videos attempting to boost awareness for any final endeavors to my smartphone! A live tile for Vidme? Yes sir!
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Damn it McStacky no shameless plugs in my comments!!😂
  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply Hmm, I like the idea, but it can I feel like giving really any significant power, such as this one, to a community is very risky. Of course, everyone has their own agenda, everyone has their own bias. It would be easy to say that we would try our best to only put people that are well respected in the community and such, but maybe people such as that would have better use in another position. I like where the idea is going, but I think it needs a little more tuning before we could present it as a viable option to the Vidme team.
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply This is not a good idea. Typically community councils fall apart or are not very well organized or recognized. The precursor to this has already happened once and fell apart for a bit. Either because of creators getting burned out and taking time off, or when taking heat from parts of the community that did not agree with other parts of the community. This can go very poorly, very quickly. Now don't get me wrong, I think community feedback to Vidme is good, but this may not be the way. It has been about a month since I last talked with Vidme on the phone, some things that were bothering the community have been fixed, but other things take time. I understand that Vidme does kinda work for us, but a lot of creators are not looking at the bigger picture. They are worried about what is affecting them now or in the near future. Vidme Staff is looking at what can be done to improve things for creators and what is going to effect the creators in the long term. Vidme still needs the creator ...morefeedback to implement and shape long term decisions.
    • [ – ] ColeossalGaming parent reply That would be the biggest reason for it falling apart. If one side of the community doesn't like something. Mob mentality takes over. and as you said many creators won't look at the big picture and long term deals that could ultimately help in the long run. If I saw anything that YT is doing currently as helpful for the long term, don't get me wrong there are some things. But not enough to sustain all creators. If that was the case. I wouldn't be here making a case for this now.
      • JennyFedora parent reply Some of the comments being made in regards to this whole "Vidme Council" already have me concerned that it is a bad idea. If you want anything, it would be like the Internet Creators Guild. Really people want a platform neutral group that can help them with problems on any platform. Creators have likes and dislikes about all the media platforms out there. But the goal is to be able to help creators and also help them with some of the big changes or reasons for some of the big changes on a platform. This council could quickly become an "unofficial complaint box" and that is baaad.
      • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply Also, here is the YouTube Ambassador Program
  • [ – ] PKVariance reply This shows the kind of concern and good intention that is lacking in other social media sites. For that alone, I give you credit. However - when you start to involve artists, or really people in general, in anything resembling a political or deciding-for-others type initiative, there are bound to be those folks who will use that as an opportunity to assert their own will over the proceedings. I would rather focus on being a creator and air my own grievances myself; though I understand that vidme is a young site and will exceed their moderator capacity if growth continues at a rapid pace and perhaps be hard-pressed to accommodate everyone's needs. Even so, I would trust that the folks who were smart enough to have started this site with the kind of intentions they have to be able to adapt and handle that growth and the resultant needs of their community without employing the artists to do so. All I would ask is that they listen to our needs and do what they can to help. And that we supp...moreort each other when needed.
    • nodetact parent reply It is very well possible that Vidme can overcome YouTube's slurry mistakes without intentionally deviating from them (but also not being referenced to them), and face the challenges in full cohesion! So I see your point that even if the Vidme developers optionally create content, the task of partial site management for us is too off...
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply 100% agree with this idea. Also they can get act as a moderator to avoid these spammers and cheaters 👍 Imma share this on reddit 😆
    • nodetact parent reply Don't forget how well integrated Vidme is with Reddit (and not Steemit, unfortunately, for possibly reasons that I can elaborate on in my first few videos...) and remember that they have their own active subreddits and social link in the video player. Real convenient!
  • theoldsparrow reply I'm probably just echoing what a lot of people in the comments have said already but it is a good idea that needs balance. Power corrupts and who watches the watchmen and all that. I'm not even sure if I would be impartial if I were picked as I have a core group of people I follow and my personal preference at a subconscious level would be to gravitate towards those people. You can't watch all of vidme which is why this has been hard on the vidme staff in the first place. In order to work it would need a lot of people willing to give up a lot of their free time to work on community problems with checks and balances to make sure no one starts power tripping. The more redundancy you have with the checks and balances the more people you're going to have to find to dedicate their time. It would be a major undertaking but if you get enough people that are humble enough to keep themselves objective then it could definitely help out the vidme staff from being pulled in so many different direc...moretions. So in the end it would be beneficial but it would be a balancing act.
  • [ – ] nodetact reply Oh, uh... a... a community council, you say? ...How... Lovely... *daydreams* @sarah "nodetact, as chief operating officer of the K letter meta wing for Vidme's video editing generator super AI, what do you you LOVE about this feature so far?" @nodetact "u-uh, well... Well I do, erm, like how adaptive to sudden IMPULSES the super AI receives to avoid and destroy viruses and spam, and... How the, this, the generator FAVORS certain references of frames in the videos to pick as thumbnails... To pick as thumbnails for the videos, and even how, wait, I mean how CLEAN the file COMPRESSIONS are while WAITING only until YOU the content creator have a say in which PEACEs go in which PLAYces, like how the rest of the staff gets to decide for themselves. But yeah, all in all, THE FUTURE IS NOW!" "ouch! Inside voices!" "sorry, I was just stretching my lungs. Not really talkative when the computer science does all the language for you, am I right? Eh? Eh?" "well just don't forget to swap your ...moreCOO (<-flirt pun not intended this time around btw) status with @someonemorelevelheadedthanilleverbemyselflmfao, because he's been reapplying for your K letter meta wing since forever! I'm sure he'll LOVE the opportunity." "yeah, he'll love it for sure... Oh my gosh someone help me please i can't breath this is worse than dank memeing" You like cursing out @itsOnlyRawman don't you, @CrazyRocky? (last time I notification alert mention you both this week if you have those on, i swear it) WELL HOW DOES YOU AND COLOSSAL (his actual username won't show up below my text) BEING SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY HUMILIATION AND TRAUMATIC DISTRESS JUST BECAUSE YOU JUST HAAAAAAAD TO START UP A BACKUP GROUP SOUND? IT CERTAINLY ISN'T LIKE ALL OF YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA BEING LITERALLY LIT ON FIRE ON A HIGH NOON O CLOCK MOON AND LOOSING ALL OF IT TO THE ASH KETCHUMS, DOESNT IT? LEARN TO DO SOMETHING RESPONSIBLE FOR ONCE, WILL YA? jk bb gurl this is the shiz that's gonna get u sum respects *patiently waits until people fall out of their chairs laughing, this video continues to surface the front page for another two days on trending and sarah pitifully avoids commenting on my videos* Ahh... The good life. Anyways, now its time to do a lifehack and give people at least one SINGLE (<-lel <3) reason to upvote this comment beyond my bunches of malarkey worth of helpless satire. First of all, the cycling between used and waiting list community council members can get rigged big time. Be careful with "but I needed more time!" BSers and yet "ugh, about time, Vidme!" other kinds of BSers. Also there could be a cool turn the tables faction like i mentioned in my comments yesterday below where the Vidme developers contribute more bursts of video content all of a sudden during the council submitting their suggestions (unless this isn't how it goes at all and it's far more consistent and unconditional and everpresent) so it feels like a prince and the peasant esque refresher. Mostly I'm just concerned with making the council itself have more incentive than just helping Vidme - I'm not so selfish myself, but what about someone else who after having monetization and trending on their channel still demands that their efforts exact out in rewards? They're gonna try for sure to bargain a deal out, and as sketchy as that is unfair, we gotta try something, you guys! "non profit organization" insider programs such as the one these two Vidizens have mentioned have much more to promise than improving this platforms success... At least i believe so. And no, just like in a @MomaMax animation last month, I was still not "going through" anything when writing all that... canon? XS
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Never in my life have I loved a comment this much
      • nodetact parent reply Oh, well then that's DEFINITELY better than being a laughingstock! It must have been the education references and simply just getting out of my comfort zone without being as crazy 'n rocky as you quite feasibly are! And you would think that I'd only truly eventually start using paragraphs if it had been a more, let's say, practical piece of data, but not to belittle what clever momentum I had just from you guy's "I have an idea!" phase of contribution for Vidme! What's worse: Demanding that you have more than your own upvote to surmise my comment beyond the 15 on my personal best from my aforementioned "I wasn't drunk or high or even depressed" comment, or that I basically owned you more than Rawman owns Ren and Stimpy as his natural logo? I call both, sukka
    • [ – ] sarah parent reply wot
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply If you are one to take in any "there's more than one thing about it" well intentioned and genuine comments, then you know just as much as I do that this wasn't just some run of the mill pandering, if to make a community manager's day. It really is true that I can talk about anything funny or serious and I think that's what inspired me the most to be such a useful dork in pretty much all spires of acceptance with others. I never really have a palpable stance when it comes to any emotions, and so its like I've told many others here: My unique voice and intuition of direction makes up for that. Still, though, this advent of my usual commenting profession only as thoughtful and invigorating as you guys allow it to be, and yet the uncertainty clearly did not discourage me to be myself, even like so. I may not be your type, but I'm definitely adored by Vidizens alike...
        • [ – ] sarah parent reply you do have a way with words, i must say
          • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Oh, the irony, am I right? XD It's always been a much more modest reception here on the platform in general than polar extremes into either backfires or teasing along. As such, people already are as real as they can be imagined to be, which is why these site ideas work. But feel free to move on with your progress, even if enjoyed as well!
            • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply Ah, @sarah ... I see you've met my friendemy @nodetact with whom I can never get in the last word. I do believe this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object...oh, who am I kidding, he's gonna make a long comment and my short attention span and cross-wired brain is going to short circuit, a moth will fly by and distract me, and he's going to win again. GG man, GG!
              • [ – ] sarah parent reply twinsies
              • nodetact parent reply Isn't it also that we're both estranged and not just "novelists"? I have a feeling that my channel videos are gonna benefit even further from my elaboration tendencies as well as weirdness if it means standing out from the currently sizeable community here! Like that's not something you have the guts to ignore or block list, riiiiiiiiiight, HV? No? I'm that all the while worth your time? Oh, okay then... I have a pretty good notion of ending conversations, though. Upvoting comments before I shut up for once helps in this regard, even if I don't actually like or agree with their comments. It's just that it seems to me more of a life story derivative conditioning that is the reasoning behind my needs to be given attention and acknowledgement so much of the time. Of course, I could just make something like a subscriber only video about it, but if given my own pace. Do look forward to any other conversations where I don't even know how to contribute much, and yet I still try to. That kind...more of ineptitude but compromise coming from me is beautiful, indeed...
  • FXWLL reply Yeah this is a great idea. Definitely could work if implemented properly
  • GunDoctorTV reply I think this is a great idea! Especially with the nda and the rotation of the counsel members.
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply I guess it could work for updates that have not yet been announced to the community, but once a planned update is announced they could just run a public poll. I think the idea is really good, but don't know if it's that easy to make a reality, as it would increase the work that the staff team is already doing. They'd need someone to go through all the council applications and then they'd have to repeat this process multiple times when the council would change. Now of course if the community would choose their representatives then things could work smoother, but to stop favoritism in the community there would have to be a limit to terms in the council. Aaand now we're moving closer to the government form known as Representative Democracy (aka Republic).
    • [ – ] ColeossalGaming parent reply It would be very hard in reality. But if it was implemented right, carefully, and slowly. It could be something amazing. If not, then if not.
      • [ – ] UnarmoredForce parent reply At the same time the council would have to understand that Vidme is a company and its staff are dependent of its success. It's always a tough balance to keep a community happy while trying to grow. Not everyone might understand that an update that some people in the community might not like could be crucial to the growth of the platform. In the best case scenario the existence of a council that you've suggested could mitigate some of the impact from such an update. In an even better scenario I'm just painting devils on the walls now and there would be nothing to worry about. :D
        • [ – ] ColeossalGaming parent reply But my main thought at first was that it would be a line of communication if we get big. So if creators had a problem. And Vidme wasn't listening we could try and mitigate issues.
          • [ – ] UnarmoredForce parent reply Ahh, I see now! That's kind of how the networks work on youtube, except more community oriented. I think it's a good idea nonetheless, so would be cool to hear what the staff think of this idea.
            • ColeossalGaming parent reply I tried to think of it as an example of a Network, but I felt like trying to explain it that way would interpret it to be a business model.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Actually a deomcracy would be perfect for the council I think thats a really good idea
      • ColeossalGaming parent reply Practically. And if need be, other members of the council could vote anyone out if need be and then select someone to take their place.
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply A Vidme council ? Execute Order 69 :
  • Dos_Gaming reply Duuuude! Why am I not involved in this already? I'm like the Mr. MCcommunity! But I would kinda feel like I got too much advantage over other creators. I would have to decide at the time to see if it's for thegood of the community or not.
  • WildleHouse reply Honestly i love this idea,could be very good for the community. They need to be verified and can help the community.
  • [ – ] Skelethor reply This can be an incredible idea/process, but it will certainly need some refinement. (I mean, what doesn't?)
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply So, a beta testing group of sorts? Not a bad idea, as long as it's opt-in, and maybe verified only for the pool of qualified people
    • CrazyRocky parent reply I agree with them having to be verified, and yea like a beta test group that can give vidme team a better idea of what the community wants
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply I'll bet the vidme devs have a cult circle in a labyrinth beneath their office
  • BrianAiya reply HAHA this is what i said in my tweet that the vidme community really wants to get involved with the team :) So it's something like beta testers and advisors? The idea is great, but you know, the human factor is risky. First of all, we only have a "handful" of active people in the community and if we rotate, i'm sure the same people will be in the council every other rotatio . If they do this, there should be an application process too, maybe some creators or viewers with web or app designer/developing experience are more suitable than "normal" users. Many times we don't know what we want, until we get it. I guess, you can have creators and viewers from different categories, youtubers, and vidme exclusive creators. I guess the trust part is what i am worried most, rotating members makes it a higher probability that someone will try to change the ideas for the worse, however in the other side, if we have permanent members, people will get mad for favoritism; ofc in the end of the day, t...morehe team will decide what they will do, i don't want it to create inner unnecessary conflict. I like the idea, but yea, when vidme becomes Bigger, this will be helpful, for now i believe that making this council will make the team less flexible. Every month we have a new update and improvement. Most of us are satisfied with them, having a council and discussing among 10 users + 10 vidme staff, might just make vidme inflexible and slow. We should save this idea when vidme becomes Bigger than now.
  • o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply This sounds like a great idea. A way so they would always have communication with its content creators. This is the main reason I am on this site. The community makes or breaks the success of any media site and this community always needs a contact with which would be impossible once the amount of people in our community grow to an overwhelming level.
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