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  • KeiserHTTC reply The theory of power I remember watching DBZ when I was 12 . Before I was 14 I found myself in a fight with a group of 4 young lads from another area. gang trouble is bad in my area Glasgow being the murder capital of Europe so I was pretty anxious when I decided a ss power up was the only way I could win I smashed the first guy in the face as hard as I could then POWERD up with max intensity ofcorse no power levels where raised and when I woke up in hospital I knew my plan never quite worked out lol 😁 but I broke the biggest guys nose 👃 flattened it like a pancake and from that day forward no one ever messes with keiserken lol 😁. True story
  • Temerity reply The super saiyan transformation isn't about anger. It's about the characters going against their core element. For Goku, an essentially kind-hearted person, it was about feeling genuine malice for the first time. For Vegeta, who was defined by a relentless quest to become more powerful, it was about not caring about being stronger than Goku, or about getting stronger, living, or anything in general. For Trunks, defined by optimism and the will to improve his world, it was about feeling a loss that overwhelmed him to the point where he couldn't do anything. For Gohan, who is defined by never really committing to wanting to fight, transformed by being under prolonged high-intensity strain and having an absolute focus on needing to get stronger to fight. Kid Trunks and Goten got it basically for free offscreen. The first few examples have this as a strong (and, I thought, obvious) narrative theme, but this theme gradually gets weaker as they just want to bring out more and more supe...morer saiyans. The character changes are also not permanent. They're just what has to be going on in order to trigger the transformation. At least for the first time.
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