The Tokyo Underground

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  • [ – ] SunsetPop reply Great music!!! I make music too!! One tip I can give out for mixing is try to set all the tracks on the mixer all the why down and make the kick & vocals (whenever you get any) around -6db. While the rest of the elements of the tracks no higher then -8db. This creates headroom! Sorry if this is unwanted helping haha
    • Thrashie parent reply To make music*
    • Thrashie parent reply Ah nah, any help is wanted help. Right now I'm basically using an iPhone app to music (called auxy) which doesn't have any sort of mixer or precise mixing feature, but I'm planning on getting a different program as soon as I can. Until then I'll be using auxy.
    • [ – ] Thrashie parent reply I mean I pretty much know most of the ins and outs of mixing, it's just that I don't have a proper setup at the moment, so that's part of it as well. Nevertheless thank you for your constructive criticism ^-^
  • Thrashie reply Thx for the upvotes guys!!! ^-^
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