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  • BadGuacamole reply What the fuck!
  • [ – ] FaBon reply Can someone please tell me what is going on? How is this behavior on videos going to effect Pizzagate?! How do you expect people to take you seriously? How about CNN take one of your videos about Pzzagate where you are pointing out the weird stuff about James Alefantis and then shows a clip of this or BadGuacamole's Bizarre curse-fest and remarks "These are the pots calling the kettle black" I am so disappointed. If you are mad at tVIDME or pulling some sort of prank on someone or just need to let your hair down a bit, couldn't it wait until the kids are found? I am done here, this makes me a little ill. I don't think anyone really gives a shit!
    • BadGuacamole parent reply I am not pizzagate. I am a person who was JOKING and proving a point about Vidme's other videos (point was made yesterday) Socore has NOT been posting about pizzagate other than his dollar vid. I cant live my life ONLY TALKING ABOUT CHILD PORN. The fact you expect me to do so make ME SICK. Check my YouTube page in a bout an hour if you want my real opinion on this whole mess (vidme).
    • 1Source parent reply Yes,I was a little set back until I realized what was going on. You can't eat pizza everyday with out getting sick of it (if you know what I mean!) Not what I would do but I understand. 🤓
    • Socore parent reply It was a joke video in response to Badguacamole's joke video. Not really sure why you're upset. God bless you friend.
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