Mario In 30 Seconds

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  • iDuskk reply No Prob, it was a really funny vid either way though. Good work.
  • [ – ] iDuskk reply lol, you pretty much got it. Quick bit of advice though, I noticed at times the characters would clip out when they leave the center of the screen. Idk what editing software you use, but usually if you right click in the Pan/Crop you can click "Match Output Aspect" and that'll fix that. Or you might have done it intentionally idk, but thought I'd leave a comment on it. Good video though, it was funny. :)
    • TheYellowPolarBear parent reply Thanks, I just recently made this account and I'm putting some of my YouTube videos on here, here is one of the videos I chose and it's from a few months ago and I now know about the "Match Output Aspect" thing. I use Sony Vegas, thanks for the advice. I appreciate it heaps! ^_^
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