Man Poops His Pants Inside Subway Then Shakes Poop Out Of Pants Leg Onto Floor

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  • [ – ] MosleyBoxing reply Wow! Dude is beyond nasty!
      • freerangehobo parent reply My guess is: The man lives in a group home that takes care of mentally deranged people. In that setting, their residents who are deemed able to coexist with the outside world, usually are granted freedom to go to and fro in order to carry out some necessary business, like shopping or going to a doctor etc. unfortunately, those sort of people, while shockingly disgusting in their habits, are not deemed dangerous to the outside world. I've worked in those homes, and could not stomach much of the behaviors I saw day by day. This man's behaviors are one example of that.
  • WeirdestNews reply well Shit......isn't This a Shitty Situation
  • SeanShadowBlood reply Wtf... idk what to call this dude, crazy, nasty... omg... idk lol this is just so illigical, that's what public bathrooms are for, if I ware him I'd just go to a bathroom and clean up, no harm done but this? idk man this guy is crazy, nasty and -to my mind- retarded.
  • GaryTurbo reply I last noticed Subways have public toilets. Every MARTA station I been to has one, does the subway station have a public toilet?
  • King_Rocky reply thats just fucking utterly disgusting X(
  • Aaronshy reply Well this is one big poopy mess.....yeah I can never ever use bad words so sorry if what I say comes out weirder. My own mind blocks off the ability to use bad words.
  • schmoo99 reply Frikken Immigrate doesn't know how to use a crapper
  • crankyarz reply At least it wasn't spread all over the floor, walls, toilet and sink. I have seen and had to clean that. Some of these perps are the missing link between humans and chimps. We might have lost our dignity but we do have stories.
  • Elemonator reply This is what a 7 year old would smh
  • PROSN3P3R reply I shit on my shit then shit on that shit then later shit on this shit with the shit and the other shit on it.
  • chumchum9113 reply I will keep the shit in my pants and run weird and go to the restroom then by Perfume
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