OMFG Mission Team Glitch Get All Quartermaster Varients Free In One Day

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  • [ – ] DXGOP reply Interesting fact... Youtube managed to screw up the exact same upload because of 20 seconds or so of music at the end, so I removed it and they fucked my audio - Another feather in the cap for vidme which I'm really falling in love with <3
  • [ – ] TrixxLucy reply I'm sure it won't be long before you grow on here too! Just keep going and my twitter is @TrixxLucy Playstation gift card too if the giveaway is on here also?
  • TreyOBJ reply Amazing and it's actully better quality on here too man
  • MickyC reply Unlock the volk next and do op class Steam credit please my handle @mickc8769
  • DXGOP reply Realistically I won't be asking for 50 upvotes quite yet lol, not gonna lie would be nice though but I know I'm new here and this will take work and time... But If you see this Please Follow and Upvote as it would help a lot and I'd seriously appreciate it! Also if there's anything you'd like to see from me here then lmk guys? Have A Great Day Everyone🎮🔫🔫
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