TL;DR - Stopping Pregnant Women from Drinking is SEXIST!

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  • Politiekman reply Yes, if you are pregnant, and you can't go without that one glass of wine, I will assume you're an alcoholic. The reason being that a non-alcoholic should be well able to go without booze for 9 months.
  • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE reply I guess these idiots have never heard of the Hippocratic Oath. The doctors err on the side of caution because there is no safe level. They can't safe 'ok drink a bit' because that could be enough to fuck your kid up. So don't do it at all, and you can guarantee the kid will be ok. But hey this is postmodernism, who the fuck cares what happens to the kid. You might have to be slightly inconvenienced.
    • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE parent reply Also, this is a very good argument for privatization of health care. If a woman wants to damage her kid, won't listen to doctor's advice, then the taxpayer should not be held liable.
  • AndyBerlino reply Wait mild FAS can cause ADHD like symptoms... I wonder if giving amphetamines to a FAS might just cause an addiction if not cause more damage then good... I wonder if people who seem to get use to the drug quickly actually have FAS not ADHD
  • [ – ] Politiekman reply The second study seems to be lacking somewhat. It's quite possible that these kids grew up in (e.g.) a home with alcoholic parents, a single-parent household etc, which could cause or contribute to the issues seen in adulthood. I don't deny drinking during pregnancy is bad, but this study doesn't necessarily prove that it is. Drinking during pregnancy, and children having permanent mental health issues, might both be symptoms of an underlying cause.
    • Politiekman parent reply otherwise good video, and those mice studies are quite convincing. also, yes, please do a video on that final paper. It sounds really interesting, but I'm simply not sufficiently knowledgeable about (neuro-)biology to fully comprehend those papers without your commentary.
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