Speer 9mm Gold Dot 115 Gr GDHP Clear Gel Ammo Test

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  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Good to see gun channels are making it here. Followed.
    • [ – ] Gundestruction parent reply I actually think I may be one of the first, I did not see any rules against it. With youtube getting iffy these days, best to share it other places.
      • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply Don't blame you. I specialise in swords and how to use them so I decided to join after the daily mail accused the slingshot channel of training terrorists.
        • Gundestruction parent reply Wow the way youtube is trying to be more like TV the worse it gets, I looked at full30 but they are invite only and only let in the elite gun channels. When I get done putting up videos I will have to check out your videos.
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