Vloggo #8 - CanVidmeFinish (Community Challenge)

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply "Rule # Next One" hahahaha! OMG! @itsOnlyRawman not swearing? That's impossible !!! lol (It's okay, I still gots faith in ya) I'm quite excited about this! I've already downloaded the game lol XD
    • KinTailFox parent reply No peeking πŸ˜„ You guys can post it on Friday. Then tag other peeps and let me know so I make an album for all of em
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Welcome to vidme dude it's good to have you on board as part of the vidme community also congratulations on reaching 160
  • [ – ] TimBabblehump reply Wait...so I personally have to use 5 dude phrases!! Sounds fun!!! XD I'm gonna do ya proud Kin!! Gonna make the most bodaciously gnarly video...am I doing it right?
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply From all the challenges in Vidme, this sounds like the most fun and entertaining one! :) I can't wait to see everyone's vid. Ps. If anyone is thinking of tagging me. Sorry i will have to pass it. I have a old laptop that it not the best for games(I tried) and I need to keep it alive for college. Oh how I wish I had the money to gave a good gaming setup. GREAT CHALLENGE DUDE!
    • KinTailFox parent reply Thank you. I'm super flattered to have two huge creators in my comment section. πŸ˜– Like I said, I'm a scrub. Thank you very much Aiya!
  • [ – ] Tiddliwinks reply Woo! I'll try to have my vloggo up tomorrow with my challenges too tired to push anything more out today. Have fun yo !
    • KinTailFox parent reply Woo! If ya need I'll hop on discord and join you. I hope I did a good job. This was all your idea after all πŸ˜„
  • [ – ] danielamann reply You definitely got my name right! Sorry that was such a hassle for you to go through! I think this is a really great idea and something I am going to try to be a part of! I've got a couple questions regarding my set up directly so I'll shoot you a message on twitter! Thanks for tagging me man!!!
  • KinTailFox reply All planned out by @Tiddliwinks I tag @danielamann @TimBabblehump @MarzieMalfoy and @itsOnlyRawman Your deets are in the description below!
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Such a cool idea, dude!! I cannot wait to see this challenge catch fire and spread around @Vidme!
  • [ – ] KotaTail reply Well R.I.P to my big challenge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply I'm so sorry πŸ˜– I didn't know
      • [ – ] KotaTail parent reply It's fine! It never got big because I decided not to have the tagging rule. But if you wanna look at the idea look up #KotaStories. I wish i can participate in your challenge but sadly my PC cannot handle recording and gaming at the same time.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Hahahha my name is Captain scrubbo plebbs hahahha!!! Alright you got me with that. Well done winks on the challenge idea!!! Rule number the next one haha. Same thing happened with me with Daniels name! I tried to learn it like 40 times and still got it wrong. Challenge accepted​ just downloaded the game now and going to try and set up OBS to record it. It's hard on one screen lol
    • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply I figured you'd like the intro. I'm so happy you agreed to this challenge. Its aleads a huge risk that it will flop and I'll look like even more of a dumbass. πŸ˜› Thanks for always cheering me on man, it means the world to me. Have fun with your game. Only spoiler I'll give is that I gave you a mixed genre one! The videos should go up next Friday :3
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply its one of my favorite names ever but it doesn't sound like a bad name when you say it it sounds cool! i have finished recording it but right now is too late to upload. ill upload it tomorrow about 8pm or 9pm uk time.
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