Homeless Man Downed! Omnidestiny Vs Patty Politics! BNN

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  • AgentJustSaiyan reply I reckon that LordBear fella is going to get nicked for racially assaulting the internet with his facts and opinions.
  • Bonanny reply Oh no!! Not sexist remarks!! We all know that's a perfectly good reason to shoot someone. Have fun in jail, kunt.
  • 3oddbits reply Some people are just not mentally capable of using / handling firearms. Note : lots of rich kids from up north come to Tennessee for the "cheep" college tuition. Most locals wouldn't have a Porsche, and would have handled it differently.
  • Jesser1975 reply Sargon will be arrested next.
  • ShmegOfAmerica reply Keep doing irate bear! 😊😁
  • ShmegOfAmerica reply Warning shots? Call the police!!! She's a spoiled snowflake
  • ShmegOfAmerica reply What was she doing there at 3 AM?
  • draconath reply Irate bear. As he lives in england and its could get him for hate speech.
  • draconath reply Noo i love this serues
  • Ndoki reply Obviously Chris Raygun is next to get arrested. I mean he's latino, poses as a war vet, brainwashed YouTube's most beloved feminist darling, is latino, and is constantly having autistic outbursts. And did I mention he's latino? I'm surprised he hasn't already been locked up and/or deported already!
  • Banjo-Kazooie-Blue reply I want to see more Lord Bear content. If at all possible I would like to see Lord Bear's entire body on screen. I think you use the character enough to warrnet some intro animation of him entering the room or of him being revealed to the audience.
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