Fakebook’s New “Fake News” Memory Hole

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  • Sharpwing reply At the end of the day we the people will win, not because of their censorship of our free speech, not because of their outright lies and attempts to take the sources that have been honest with us away, but because of the simple fact that they also attempted to destroy our culture and the things we love in this miserable world all in the name of their own agendas and then call us monsters for defending the things that we love. When you try and take our free speech as well as the things we enjoy in our lives away, we'll fight you every step of the way. Because at that point, you're not only trying to take away freedom you're trying to take away happiness. And no matter what that fact alone will make you the monster. People will always fight and die for what they love, to condemn those people not only makes them hate you. It makes them want to watch you die.
  • CatsPoopRainbows reply Why do people use Facebook again?
  • SirBlazinGames reply Absolutely disgusting. I am happy I never made a Facebook account or given them a single cent. Fuuuuuuck Zuckerburg
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