The Old Buick

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  • umajunkcollector reply oldgoat can show you how to bondo up your jalopy Doug. We had a 62 Wildcat, really nice, with the infamous smooth Buick ride. My dad was a Buick man. I once had a 69 Electra 225 boat, and a 73 LaSabre. I wanted a Riviera, but never got one. The deuce was plenty big. It needed an Earl Schibe paint job for sure. Don
  • mosslack reply Sorry Marty, I was on my phone before. You must of had an F-85 or Cutlass. That aluminum V8 was used for all three BOP small cars. I think the heads on the Olds were different, maybe that was the problem.
  • mosslack reply There is a playlist I think for computers or hackintosh.
  • mosslack reply Yep, you should see an envelope near the channel name.
  • MostlymoparIH reply Oh and is there a way to PM somebody on this kids channel? I mean on this alternate side of the tube?
  • MostlymoparIH reply Very nice Doug. The front end looks like the 61 or 62 Olds I had with an aluminum v8. It was a small car though and a lot shorter that yours don't remember the model. I do remember that the passenger side rocker shaft kept breaking. It was a field car and never figured out why it kept breaking the shaft. Now I gotta find your vids on the multiple loaded OS's.
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