How To Get Views On Vidme

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  • MakeCrap reply Wow an actual video that isn't just clickbait! I am new here. I am scared. Hold me?
  • shadowinfo reply Thank you! I'm a new user to this website and this was useful
  • mr_vlarien reply if you have to make good content. how do you get views? jk.
  • Arkavick reply Thanks for the tips dude! Like your style of content by the way! Keep it up! xD
  • [ – ] FlexxinC reply This is the first time ive see your face!! <3
  • gamerblox reply Great vid with a ton of useful info! ~Thnx man <3
  • MaylayCrayCray reply lol great advice man, glad I found this video, I'm new here and was so confused about how this site works lmao
  • [ – ] The_ColeSparks reply I'm surprised that I did step 4 without even realizing it. The only problem I have with Vidme is that my older videos are 30 minutes long and Vidme doesn't let me upload my Mario Maker videos on the site unless the person gets verified. Also, I'm shocked that I have 3 test videos combined are almost 200 views in 4 days.
    • Hexified parent reply Just request to get verified. They verify anyone, seen plenty of verified accounts that are only hours old with no content.
    • Hexified parent reply It took me a good 30 minutes of processing in my head how 50+ people were watching a test video that I posted seconds ago, then came to realize those "50+ watchers" didn't upvote, follow, or migrate to any other videos, so I then investigated a little more until I found out what was going on.
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply We Like our paint thumbnails!
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply ermahgerd, you let the cat out of the bag! Now we will have to hussle harder.
  • [ – ] ErickAlden reply Good advice man, but those transitions were a bit cringey. lol
  • DavidTheGamer reply Man I wish my thumbnails moved over with my videos from youtube now I got videos I already made with no thumbnails I didnt save lol. But I make thumbnails for every video. But yep just make good videos , thumbnails and be a awesome vidmer :D
  • Foxarocious reply This is great advice and I can confirm that it works on every social media platform. It's just...being nice and meeting people lol
  • RubenLeija reply That turtle was nice XD
  • [ – ] VanDeGraph reply Vidme is nice because you will find very different types of videos. On youtube if someone had this title as a video, I would expect it to be clickbait, but you made a legitimate video, so thanks! I've been doing pretty well on youtube recently but people haven't really been watching on vidme so I suppose I need to be more a part of the community by commenting more.
    • Hexified parent reply People will actually subscribe to your YouTube through vidme, so building a fanbase on vidme is a good Idea for smaller creators.
  • [ – ] THE70sMAN reply Good vid thx for advices 🤣 peace out denmark here
  • [ – ] lemonadeandlatte reply Good advice! Love the turtle!
  • [ – ] Revoladin reply It still amazes me that people cannot make a decent thumbnail xD
  • SmugStick reply Great video! I didn't expect it to actually be helpful lol
  • Hexified reply 7 months later and the share bot thing still works lol
  • MyaWho reply I'm not tooting my own horn or anything, but my videos are fine, and I still get close to no views. My thumbnails are eye catching, still nothing.
  • KOTTO reply hope i get verified, but no :(
  • Free_Range_Cheese_MRE_Reviews reply "How To Get Views On Vidme" and it was not clickbait! :O (Single tear rolls of cheek) Reminds me of the early years of YouTube! But really nice video, I thought vidme ran off Hashtags for searches like YouTube uses Metatags?
  • SlippyThePug reply Thanks man, just came here to gonna give most of these a try, been struggling for an audience and you pretty much just gave it to me straight. Thanks lad. Upvoted it for yeh!
  • Malady reply Yo im a new user aswell so .. ill do my best i guess :) thx for the tips!
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