WHAT IF RADITZ TURNED GOOD? | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • [ – ] ssj4maiko reply Though if Piccolo is not dead, there is no reason to go to Namek, so Freeza alive, no Super Saiyan, Androids would appear and kill everyone, still no super saiyan, if Gohan eventually gets it, there would be no reason to go to the past to save Goku, and so it goes on.
    • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply Hmm. If Freeza didn't appear the androids wouldn't be as powerful since they were designed to be that powerful because Gero saw the Freeza fight and Cell wouldn't have Freeza's cells. There could always have been another event leading to the first SS, perhaps the android fight itself. On the other hand perhaps Freeza would check the situation on Earth out after Vegita and Nappa were defeated which would change a few things but wouldn't be story breaking.
      • [ – ] ssj4maiko parent reply While I understand what you want to say, problem is, Goku needed Kuririn dead to get to SS, and only because of that the others knew what a SS is and how to achieve it. Without Goku reaching it, Vegeta would just be a self-confident prick if he ever came back to Earth, and Goku would die by the heart virus seeing almost no fight at all, the only one that could actually achieve that would be Gohan, like he did in Trunks' future, though the surprise and the lack of the needed power could turn it useless against the Androids. And I`m not sure if the Androids were made based on Freeza`s Power Level and still finished so fast, 19 and 20 while having around the same power level as Freeza, were still outclassed by the infinite power source 17 and 18, and the full robot 16, and we are talking about someone who has been working to kill Goku since the end of the Red Ribbon forces, and even after placing his brain on the cyborg body. I always had the impression that Gero just made the best work ...morehe could, and this work was, by pure coincidence, stronger than Freeza. Cell though is the most recent project that would only be finished in the future.
        • JimGiant parent reply I don't think there is any reason Goku needed to be the first SS, the Android fight could have sparked Gohan or Vegita to transform. If Raditz was brought back perhaps Vegita seeing his attitude change could spur some self reflection too. Without metal Freeza any character could have come back to give Goku the medicine too. I suspect Gero started working on the androids before the Freeza fight but modified them based on the results. MY whole idea hinges on this being the case but it could certainly be wrong.
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