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  • [ – ] NexoReviews reply It's incredible that that's what that trans person took away from what you said. It was so ridiculously unoffensive... that I swear there really are some lunatics out there who just WANT to get offended. -- I've never watched your channel before. Although i recognised your name from your Drunken Peasants appearance. You're really interesting to listen to, I feel like a dumbass for not tuning in sooner. P.s your kitten is the cutest little fucker.
    • TaraBabcock parent reply Aww, thanks! :) Yeah, I definitely had the best intentions. I strongly dislike it when people take my opinions or experiences and apply them to others. As a libertarian, I am so very uninterested in telling others what to do/think and have tons of respect for people doing whatever they want. I don't know why she would take it so personally that I do not have dysphoria. >.<
  • Leadhead reply SJW's be like.. retarded.
  • EplxPro reply There are two genders mmkay...
  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply Homosexuality and Transgenderism is a mental illness. Plenty of people in mental hospitals who believe they're something they're not. I've met people who believe they're the second coming of Christ. Tired of people whining about toilet use.
    • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply Yeah... religious people, to me, have to have some sort of mental inability, or they just choose ignorance as a coping mechanism for death. I, of course, agree that gender politics and the like is stupid, and it's a fact that gender dysphoria is a mental issue, but your reasoning is something I cannot get behind.
  • LVXMedia reply (((gender))))
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Blair White and Danica Lee are the prime examples of Transgendered ant-SWJ women on the scene. Roaming Millennials is a young political and social commentator who is extremely attractive and smart. I am somewhat the opposite of you from an internal point of view and I identify externally as a male. I still, though, will find the external you matching my internal self. ^_^
  • Annunziata reply I made one because, of this video. Sorry I am tardy to the party😁
  • John-Goras reply BLACK CATS MATTER!
  • Qbeck01 reply The whole "gender is a social construct" is false. At best you can say it is slightly malleable by society.
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply Say it ain't soooo!
  • Annunziata reply This is a great video; you are awesome Tara.
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