How to Prepare Potato Salad (Kartoffelsalat)

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  • [ – ] DavidTeunissen reply As a Dutch that's a good mayonnaise.. the English called it hollandaise because the Dutch brought it with them around 1600 .than later French people made some adjustments.
    • [ – ] LazyCook parent reply Yes many Dutch engineers came to East Anglia to reclaim land from the sea like they had done in Holland. There are many Dutch names among the families of East Anglia to this day.
      • [ – ] DavidTeunissen parent reply Both Holland Germany Belgium and Luxembourg where called Dutch by the English. Because of the language ..yes a lot of Dutch names, there is a place called Holland in England quite interesting history. Holland can be translated to hol(low) land as English started to say low Dutch or flat land to describe them Hollanders :) they used a lot of isch ..English Welsh Scottish..
  • [ – ] DavidTeunissen reply Love this one
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