Draft Breakdown IBL Season 2

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  • [ – ] JoesphGames reply It's true that my team is weak to the drill but with draft league Pokemon its hard work with trair and its hard to find good mons sometimes but I have counter or checks for it so I'm ok I just need to stop getting haxed
    • TheEspressoCat parent reply I Think the team is still great. A lot of Pokemon that really will suprise / Shocking other trainers. I just want give my thought and what to be worried about..Oh great with Arbok can paralize like Excadrill, could help out a lot.. So Think you will be in top, but ofcourse there is competion... I hope you will win the League tho.. Go Go Chester Chinchous :D!!!
  • TheEspressoCat reply Magnezone is great, I had one called PullMeIn in AS Blind Nuzlocke who was the only surving Pokemon. The issue / problem I Think you might have is the 4x super effective. A Excadrill might cause a lot of problem for the first 3 pokemon..
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