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  • [ – ] OfficerMartin reply What do you suggest when it comes to choosing gods or hero characters? And why?
    • JobDerasTheGreat parent reply Heros need protection from enemy using Ally troops. It's better than anything else. We already have Zeus. I recommend Hades, Athena, and Aphrodite first. Whatever order depends on you. Hades Summons his Skelleton Army from the dead. He Summons lots of undead remnants to fight alongside with him. Good for protection. He also has a Three headed dog with lots of health and has powerful attack. These all go in front of Hades and attack any enemy troops or buildings closest to them and are hit by the enemy first before Hades gets hit as he shoots death on enemy behind all of them. They cannot be seduced by Aphrodite's Monument. Athena spawns lots of Units of Hoplites who fight for her. The amount and power depends on the Level. They can be seduced by Aphrodite's Monument. So don't spawn them near it or they will be seduced and turn against you and surround and attack you. Athena spawns lots of troops that can overwhelm the enemy. Aphrodite seduces both Archers and Spearmen but cannot se...moreduce Hades'Skelleton Army nor Ares' Acolytes nor Hera's Vengeance Warriors. This does two things. It takes away a number of enemy units and then they turn against them and fight for Aphrodite. This cuts the enemy forces in half and increase our forces to double. They attack anywhere they are charmed so this gives the enemy a run for their money because they could be fighting their own allies right next to them or worse behind them. Or even worse where their Temples are. Any other after them is up to you but this is my recommendation. If you don't have them yet and already chose others then my recommendation are those Hero Characters the next time you choose one.
  • [ – ] OfficerCasandra reply What if you don't have tents for spearmen of for archers. What if you have neither of them.
    • JobDerasTheGreat parent reply If you only have one of them then put one tent ⛺ of the one you have and Deploy troops of the other. Example: If you have Archer tents ⛺ and don't have Spearmen or Hoplites tents ⛺ then put Archers behind everything and Spearmen or Hoplites on the front lines or close to the Hero Characters when you are assisting and vice versa. If you have neither of them than just Deploy Archers behind Heros or so-called gods and Spearmen Where Hero Characters are. If they are low of health than all troops must go behind all hero characters so that all Hero Characters can escape moving back to safety. If not then any Hero Characters who move back to safety won't have any cover.
  • [ – ] OfficerAngie reply How do I know when it's the best time to use a tactic and which one to use.
    • JobDerasTheGreat parent reply The first thing we need to establish is the foundation of Strategy. So there are Tactics we use and we Strategize each Tactic we use. Tactics are a moves we use in the game while Strategies are about us thinking of how we will use each Tactic. So the first thing we need to know about our Tactics is that they work best controlling the enemy battleground and the enemy traffic. How? By using the Tactic The Two Wave. Once we gain control by growing in numbers we can then proceed to attacking using other tactics. Anyone can use tactics, but only masterminds Strategize each Tactic to use them effectively. The tactics we use after we've gained control depends on the battlefield's challenge or the enemy's City base or even other enemy alliance members who put us in situations. Experience helps gain more of an understanding on the battlefield but you cannot take away from information and people who are experienced​in the battlefield such as Generals and of course me The leader here in this al...moreliance.
  • OfficerMartin reply I am Officer Martin. I am a Citizen. I n training to become a Captain.
  • OfficerAngie reply Officer Angie Love. 💘 I am a Citizen. In training to become a Captain.
  • OfficerCasandra reply Officer Casandra. I am a Captain.
  • CaptainManuel reply Captain Manuel. I am a General.
  • JobDerasTheGreat reply Job Deras The Great. Leader of our alliance.
  • JobDerasTheGreat reply Ask any question. The Generals and I will be more than gald to answer them.
  • JobDerasTheGreat reply Name in our alliance and rank.
  • JobDerasTheGreat reply Welcome to An Army of Family. Please Present yourself who you are and your Username in our alliance.
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