I discuss Conspiracy 'Theories'

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  • [ – ] strasbourg1986 reply "oh, you are one of them are, a conspiracy theorist. next you will try to tell me that the holocaust is a hoax, that the american government carried out 911 and that michael jackson lives on the moon" good post sir
    • Hoaxashian parent reply yes they usually manage to equate anything they find uncomfortable with the 'holocaust; moon landings, Elvis sightings , UFOs and Yetis , it becomes guilt by association
  • [ – ] strasbourg1986 reply couldnt see the jo cox videos, do you have a link to one of them ? well done on getting your videos migrated from YT
    • Hoaxashian parent reply i didnt migrate my videos I was cloed down on Youtube, almost all the videos here are original, i am not going to spend time re uploading thousands of videos to a tiny audience especially since its probable that vidme will have similar restrictions as Youtube
  • strasbourg1986 reply ok great, i wil scroll through, and share the links on some chatrooms im on , jo cox was discussed again the other night and i wanted to show them your work after i referred to it. Are you familiar with the work of Mark Windows Windowsonthenet ? yes of course £16.99 is also applicable good spot.
  • [ – ] strasbourg1986 reply i see brendan " im going to push my sexual advances on you in the office , i HOPE you wont HATE it" cox, has released a book on his wife, £16.99 ( surprised its not £16.66) . You can find it in your local book shop ( if you still got one) , in the FICTION section. Mark Windows says he went upto to Birstall and he as some very interesting comments about the village and the villagers. his comments on the lady that was interviewed on telly that day, the one who said that tomy mair was a nice man that kept himself to himself etc....she seems to be living in fear etc indicating that she has had the fear of god put into her. Do you still have your videos from the cox hoax ? your bernard kenny work was espeically very very good
    • Hoaxashian parent reply i have all my videos but my audience here is pitiful in terms of numbers , 6.99 is a form of 666 actually .
  • strasbourg1986 reply http://www.kolumbus.fi/aquilon/content.htm
  • [ – ] strasbourg1986 reply hoaxashian, are you familiar the writings of Kai Murros ?
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