My Microphone Broke

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  • [ – ] fullerSpectrum reply My snowball hasn't been detected properly in years, I honestly won't be going back to Blue. That new one (Not gonna try and spell that lol) sounds nice. I know your pain, I've been streaming since 2011, but everytime I start again something else breaks. First it was my GPU, then hard drives, mobo, etc. Hope your luck improves
    • OIHighRollerIO parent reply Holy shit dude if my computer started messing I'd go on a rampage and headbutt some walls lol. And yeah I'm not entirely sure about the Snowball. I kinda wonder if the Yeti has similar issues?
  • [ – ] Aaron1337007 reply As for your lighting, simply turn the lamp around and let the ambient light that bounces off the wall illuminate your face :)
  • [ – ] Aaron1337007 reply Congrats on surpassing the 3K mark, man! As for your snowball, make sure that your webcam's mic is muted and make your snowball the default input device under audio settings. Your mic isn't bad. Think about it. You install a new device that has a mic and now your current mic doesn't work. It's not a driver issue, your webcam seems to be set to your default input device on your OS. If you have any questions, just let me know.
    • OIHighRollerIO parent reply The thing is though I'm no longer using my webcams because I have this new camera, the one I'm using to record this video. I've been checking around for some videos and troubleshoots, but I've been unsuccessful so far other than the one idea with the USB 2.0 thing. And thanks for the 3K support :) appreciate it.
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