YouTube TV Will Create Two-Tier YouTube

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  • [ – ] MadJim reply no longer watch your videos on TY anyways, i only watch them here. It would be nice if more of the TY channels i watch were putting their vids up here aswell.
  • [ – ] NarniaTheMaineCoon reply YouTube is nothing without the creators ... YouTube = MySpace?
  • [ – ] TheNatGaming reply Kind of shocking that they think the only reason no one watches TV is because they cant watch it over their phone. Obviously it has nothing to do with the garbage that gets pumped out lol Its because we cant watch all those quality talk shows and reality tv shows on our phones
    • RAGEfit parent reply exactly, I'm not watching TV not because I don't have it available. I'm not watching tv because it's mostly garbage and a waste of time usually
    • Directionally_Challenged parent reply isn't there apps though like, Netflix and Hulu anyways where people CAN watch them on like tablets and stuff? XD I mean... come on YT...
  • Apepresident reply It's really baffling to see that youtube is now embracing TV eventhough it was originally designed to be the alternative to TV. My oh my this world is truly going mad....
  • Gondor reply Great Vid man! Your videos about YouTube are always great and have tons of info on why youtube is going to shit and your probably the main reason why i moved to vidme.
  • tmnsoon reply "TV has lots of great content" No. I haven't watched TV in more than 5 years, and every time a get a glipse, such as when I see someone else watching it, I get reminded how shit it is. TV was good back when there were not other options, but once you get the choice and power in your hands why on earth would you want to give it back to the big media fatcats?
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply It still confuses me that Disney bought Maker studio SPECIFICALLY FOR Pewds, and then, the moment they had an opportunity, dropped him like a hot potato. The other thing I noticed while drifting down the Youtube trending tab today? The top four videos listed are 'Late Night with *insert generic, safe personality here*' videos.
    • [ – ] Apepresident parent reply Yeah TV shows were already taking Youtube by storm. You always had some of them on the trending page and every single one of those late night shows has about 1 million+ subs. So yeah, there's no way for smaller guys to compete.... Guess only the gamers are still lucky, since there aren't any TV shows dedicated to Let's Plays and the sorts of that ..... Yay???
      • ShinyBigBoo parent reply Having no knowledge of any of this, I was just saying today that late night shows are always on youtube trending, and I suspect they were purchasing that space. I bet the cable companies assumed young people would keep watching late night tv, so they put more money into it than ever... and we've all gone online. I'd rather get my content from you guys.
      • JadeJicama parent reply There was that one TV show that ProJared got invited to do a guest spot on...? Game... Makers? No, that can't be it... Of course, the on going story in that show is about a game development company, not game playing...
    • [ – ] OWNtheNWO parent reply It still confuses you after watching this video? Because this video perfectly explains why. This is a hostile takeover of the youtube content space by google and the rest of the mainstream media. The trending tab is nothing but paid promotionals, has been for a while now.
      • [ – ] JadeJicama parent reply Yes, it still confuses me because Disney doesn't routinely drop properties that they specifically set out to get their hands on. But, beside that, Pewdiepie has only gotten MORE followers from the WSJ's hit piece...
        • OWNtheNWO parent reply You've never seen a company buy something that is their competition only to shut it down or shelf it? That's because of the Streisand Effect and these troglodytes inability to understand censorship on the internet is treated as a routing error.
    • SkepticalCaveman parent reply I guess they thought that they could Control him like a puppet.
  • [ – ] Ravaging_Madman reply This video got me to uninstall my YouTube app from both my smartphone and my Xbox ONE. I refuse to waste my time with it or giving them any more views any longer.
    • MaxIzrin parent reply I'm refusing to install the recent update on Android, it asks for location access and other things it shouldn't need, probably to enforce locale content filtering.
  • [ – ] AtomicDog602 reply We are seeing the death knell of YouTube in slow motion. Sad that a YOUTube has become WeTube -We decide what you will see and watch, and it will be of the correct political ideology. Small content creators will and are being thrown under the bus. The good news is there are alternatives, and they will flourish.
    • [ – ] Apepresident parent reply Let's just pray to all the gods we know that Vidme isn't going to sellout like Youtube did ....
      • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply you tube will buy them out if they get too big and pose a threat
        • Cidsa parent reply Amazon is supposedly going to release their video service soon so that might be an option as well.
        • Apepresident parent reply that sadly is also always a possibility. So on the one hand we want to get vidme big so we can create and watch more original content and at the same time we don't want it to get too ....
  • userXVI reply How will Youtube "Create" anything when they are openly censoring the creative original content that took them to the top in the first place. Creators will leave and take the following with them.
  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply At $35 a month, YouTube TV is gonna flop.
    • RAGEfit parent reply Netflix is $10/month. And Youtube has always been free. Too true. Dumbasses running Google's Youtube team
    • rulesforrebels parent reply Seems reasonable on the surface but assuming you already pay 50 or whatever for internet at that point may as well just use comcast or atnt
    • userXVI parent reply You see what sets aside an open and succeful growing community such as Vidme against "TV" is the TV stations recieve up to 11 million dollars per month from the US government and in return said TV platform will censor and alter its content to the taste of said US government. You see when someone not informed looks and see's 50+ different channels funded like this, many will play along. It doesnt matter how many people subscribe to Youtube TV. YouTube is over and done with, now its a game of what Video services will do and how far they will go to grab as much attention as posible and as far as I am concerned the people at vidme saw exactly this first. If things stay the same, people will flock to Vidme. But a word of advice to vidme, Allow people to put their own commercials into each video and charge a penny for the first 10 years for every 5 seconds if said creators wallet has made that much, everybody wins.
  • ThePhantom reply VIDME > YOUTUBE
  • liquidxlax reply Hope vidme can pick up most of the slack. If they can get the video game channels and crafting channels they'll be in the gold. Others will follow
  • xcwe4life reply If they go though with this shit us at XCWE and the straight edge punks may have to abandon that ship just in case if you are interested in a mix of xtreme wrestling comedy and profanity then throw us a follow
  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply god damn everything has to be about money. it's sickening
    • [ – ] Terrorful parent reply I've always said that YouTube was better before the cash came along. People made videos because they actually WANTED to, as a hobby and such. Tell people they can make money doing it and now you have to wade through the bullshit just to get to the good stuff which probably isn't monetized anyway!
      • RAGEfit parent reply Agreed terrorful, way too many people on youtube now for the money. And the vast majority suck ass
  • Rainbowdoodler209 reply I hate reality shows. Just screaming and yelling. I still go on YouTube from time to time. And I go to vidme as well.
  • Thegamingking reply Yo guys check out my channel I do amazing gaming montages like battlefield 1 and halo and other games
  • hayhoestudios reply Vidme's payment platform is genius, they are getting it right! Long live Vidme!
  • hayhoestudios reply This ContenT is great content! YT has always favorited the mainstream big boys...remember the YT Music Awards? Eminem, Rihanna, and several others were nominated for awards... lol
  • GoodKhaos reply That was very interesting. I'd never spend 35 dollars for what YouTube is're basically throwing away money. Nice to have a heads up about all of this so when it happens we're not blindsided. Keep up the good work!
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