Quick VidME Rant! Nothing Too Serious!

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  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Personally I prefer the previous site layout better. One thing about the new layout that I think might hurt the community interaction is, if you visit someone's channel, in order to actually get to be able to leave comments on one of their videos you now need to click twice; the first click plays the video, then in order to leave a comment another click is required (on the link below the then playing video) in order for the video to load yet again on it's own page and in which where the comments are accessible. This seems like it's detrimental to the Community (it's like it's almost "hiding" the comments), and also a bit of a waste of time and bandwidth to need to load a video twice in order to get to the comments. Overall I don't like the new look of the site's layout, I find it more confusing and difficult to navigate. I realize Vidme is trying new ideas, but I think in some ways the new changes are a step backwards. :P
  • [ – ] YungJ reply Yeah the layout isn't the best, but hopefully with people like you talking about, they'll try and bring it back to its roots just a little
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