Razör's Top 5 Anticipated Games of 2017

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  • ThePhantom reply Youtube can get fucked
  • Bdrone reply ..im freaking drooling now. looking at Battletech brought me back to a moment or two during my Armored Core days, and YESSSS FOR UNDERWORLD AND SYSTEMSHOCK. I gotta admit, Red Dead redemption 2.. UNF. yes please.
  • [ – ] macrox6 reply Sadly Red Dead Redemption 2 is console only. Just when I got a PC that could've handled it.
    • MaximVB parent reply I didn't know that but now I do!
    • IMMentat parent reply indeed, I have not touched a console for years other than my rare dalliance with a Wii U (bought late in the cycle, got the 5-6 games I was interested in, now gathering dust) or putting as blu-ray in my PS3.
  • Quality_Control reply Gonna go ahead and take down Adblocker for vid.me, might even buy some shit I don't need. Youtube has gone too far!
  • DrPHobos reply I want to play underworld really bad,it looks really fucking bad ass .
  • Background_Radiation reply I have my hopes up for System Shock 3. I hope it's good.
  • [ – ] mumhustlar reply Nice blade runner sound effect, SS3 gets me so hard
  • MichaelSeibert reply Fuck youtube in it's peehole
  • kurumais reply oh do i love me some shadowrun
  • [ – ] IMMentat reply Observer you say, seems I have some hope left hiding somewhere in the darkness after all.
  • AgentBJ09 reply Nice list. I'm hoping however that every one of those games that releases on PC makes it onto GOG.com. They deserve to host these games, and I'll gladly buy them if they come there.
  • AlanWakeUp reply Love the sunglasses
  • SiriusJones reply System Shock 3, please God let it be.
  • TheBinarySurfer reply Keep it up fella, excellent content as always and you're getting noticed :)
  • Stalin2000 reply Looking forward to playing a black Nazi woman fighting for the Reich in COD WW2* (* Swastikas not included)
  • robertendicott reply Not so great as I think it will be
  • Space_Gorilla reply Most of these aren't coming out in 2017
  • Wrack3D reply I've never even heard of Observer, but Rutger Hauer as the star? Instantly sold. Must buy.
  • Arise212x reply I totally see where you are coming from with Daggerfall. It's definitely one of the most incredible first person RPGs ever. I kind of have a bias towards Oblivion being my favorite since that was my first Elder Scrolls experience. When I finally played Daggerfall though, oh man, the world is so huge, and there are endless quests. The problem with Daggerfall is that it's insanely hard. The dungeon map system is frustrating to say the least.
  • Contraband_Res reply I didn't hear about Observer until I saw this video and it comes out in two days!
  • kurumais reply i met rutger at a con he is a massive man and his hands are the biggest thickest hads i have ever seen. and what a great guy. a bit odd but so warm and friendly.
  • Dapperchap reply Fuck, so much that's up my ally! I need to get a better PC!
  • WinterNight reply You can put me in the category of 'people who didn't know System Shock 3 was happening'.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply 5. I have only dicked with System Shock 2. 4. That looks nice. 3. Meh. 2. I only played Starsiege, Mechwarrior 3, and Front Mission: Gun Hazard. 1. I didn't really care much for CRPGs.
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