Barcelona: Van raced into Crowd of People by 2 armed "Men"

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  • [ – ] crazydingo reply I am not surprised that this attack happened... we all know the vile horror of the cult of Islam by now ... what is still unbelievable to me is , why are those who are supposed to protect us do nothing ... there is a definite agenda ... thank you again SoWhat for the genuine outrage ... this madness must be stopped.. eject all death cults .
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Thank you for watching, first of all. At least 13 dead and 50 injured now, confirmed. One of the terrorists is in custody now. A Muslim from Northern Africa.
  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply Maybe we are playing into the hands of the world government agenda. They are trying to divide the population and eventually will outlaw all extreme acts and thoughts. They will decry that a world government must crack down on all of these terror attacks and extremists must be removed. That includes those on the far left and far right. I am beginning to think that many of these incidents are staged or at least instigated by those who have an agenda.
  • [ – ] 4real0316 reply Yes United Nations agenda 21. Georgia guidestones written in eight languages, "maintain global population below 500,000,000" They don't go into detail about how they plan to reduce current 7billoon down to 500,000,000. Just let your imagination run wild.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes, I will link a picture
  • [ – ] epimetheus_1776 reply I am surprised more on the location of the attack- Barcelona has very few Muslims in contrast to Paris and London...never read of any Muslim conflict there
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply They attack wherever they can, these cowards. And they always pick "soft targets". Unarmed, innocent people.
  • [ – ] Blaewas reply 21:16 I'm not sure. My first instinct was that he might be speaking Catalan, a Romance language related to Spanish spoken around Barcelona. I haven't heard too many samples of this language but I think it has a slightly different sound than Spanish. Or I could be totally wrong, which is probably the case. :)
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply It sounded somehow strange, but I do not know the Catalan language.
    • Blaewas parent reply On second thought, I don't think it's a language native to Spain. Just doesn't have the right rhythm and has some guttural sounds that I don't think exist in most languages in Spain.
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