The Enemy's Game #UniteTheRight #Charlottesville

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  • [ – ] whitezombie reply People saw people heard and we came to the inevitable conclusion. The shit spewed by president blow hard did not help. We have collusion between political leadership police and terrorists.Literally state sponsored terrorism. Who among the locals will trust their police or their mayor or governor again? Did they even understand what they did? If the people cannot trust their police to defend them then what? All the people saw was police siding with the terrorists that were hell bent on disrupting a protest. Who was protesting what is irrelevant. today its "neo nazi" tomorrow it may be workers protesting not getting paid. Who can say what the power's in the capital will object to? Who will be the victim of their private terrorists? whose shop will be destroyed next time those fucks get triggered? who will they beat up that they object to next time? who they will target next? We saw state sponsored terrorism and you are spewing bull shit. Get your head out of the identity echo chamber....more This is bigger than that. Wake the fuck up and smell the state sponsored terrorism. This time it was clubs and fists , next time it may very well be knives or guns. Who will stop them? they have the state on their side. Now wake up and make it go viral.
    • ___Rando___ parent reply It was definitely an act of state sponsored terrorism but I don't think it can be denied that identity has a part to play in this situation.
  • ckirkillustr8 reply Excellently put Braving. I think Spencer really blew this one and skipped a few steps without building up the numbers, and not taking control of how the attendees should've presented themselves. It makes it easy to think that Spencer is controlled-op, I hope its not true. Thanks again man.
  • DisgruntledAnon reply You did an incredible job giving us a closer look at the footage and an unbiased view on the situation. I had a passing interest in UTR before this, but I was dismayed in the extreme by the sudden jerking of the overton window to the left again. Thank you again for analyzing the footage of the crash in depth. I learned a lot from it and there was a lot of things that smell fishy in the organizing of the event that put things into perspective. I'm buying a Mosin Nagant soon, and if things happen, I will do my best to defend my allies as peacefully as possible. I do not want to see bodies in California streets...but I refuse to be among them. #TheyWillNotReplaceUs
  • DisgruntledAnon reply "You want another day like Saturday, don't you? You should be ashamed of yourself." least there are some good men left in the force.
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